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The final group is the ballroom group: Ashleigh, Ryan, and Karen. Ashleigh and Ryan are married, while Karen's husband was cut in Vegas. Ryan's upper body is a gift from the angels themselves. Ashleigh's face-pulling is kind of the Dorian Gray portrait that allows Ryan's torso to stay forever chiseled. It's poetic, really. Karen is also there. It's interesting to note that, save for 28-year-old Legacy, these three ballroomers are the oldest contestants by a pretty wide margin. They're teaming with Jason Gilkison on choreography. I'll always love Jason for choreographing that Mark/Courtney waltz from Season 4 that nobody remembers but me. The angle appears to be Karen horning in on the happy couple, which seems fun.

Dancing to "Everything I Can't Have," by Robin Thicke, in I guess a generic "Latin ballroom" style, Ryan, Ashleigh, and Karen are fine. Three-way ballroom is weird, you guys. It's like two will start something and then have to halt all that momentum to include the third, it all feels very crowded, and no one dancer gets a chance to really shine. I think I have a fundamental objection to three-way ballroom. OMG, is this how Nigel felt about same-sex ballroom? Am I a threesome bigot? Mary hoots and hollers and calls the three of them hot, and she really liked the threeway, so maybe I AM a bigot.

Cat calls the dancers to the stage for the final dance-out, and then tomorrow it starts for real. If I were scoring tonight, Best Routine would go to the hip-hoppers, while the Mandy Moore contempo would be runner-up (though Nathan and Jakob outshined almost everyone, save Russell, as individuals). Tomorrow, we lose two of them. Fitting, since it's already been a SEASON OF LOSS! SOB!

Joe R needs to find a way to properly mourn Mia Michaels and Billy Bell that doesn't involve cutting all his hair off or pulling all his muscles at once. Suggestions are welcome at

And it isn't too late to plan your Halloween costume. Might we suggest a dapper Adam Shankman look? Sure only your fellow SYTYCD fans will appreciate it, but who cares?

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