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Kelli Baker. "Winning is a family tradition," Cat tells us. Apparently she's in High School Musical, on which her mom was an Emmy-winning choreographer. We get a little bit about how Kelli has to work twice as hard to prove herself. Which might be true. What is also true is that whether any doors were opened up for her because of her mom or not, her mom is an Emmy-winning choreographer. So let's not pretend that the kids who didn't have dancing family members don't work as hard as the ones who do. "Little heritage to live up to," says Nigel as Kelli takes the stage. She does a contemporary routine, which is good. I guess. "I hope she's proud of you, because you're certainly one of the best dancers I've seen this season." Mary goes further and calls her the best. Mandy is similarly effusive, and Kelli's through to Vegas.

On to the choreography round now, doing Trevor Wall's choreography. Gev: Nigel asks if Gev will keep working and come back another year. Gev says yes, but Nigel after successfully faking him out, invites him to Vegas. Gev pretends to faint, and does a funny twitch move on the floor.

Last day in Salt Lake! "There's a lot to live up to!" after yesterday, chirps Cat.

Naomie Christensen is not entirely up to it, unfortunately. In fact Naomie Christensen is not all there. Or she's faking it. She is a financial advisor, but also dabbles in acting, and tells us about having a part in an indie film as some sort of post-Apocalyptic warrior. I'll be right back; I just have to go find it on and put on my Do Not Send To Me Ever list. She doesn't dance so much as rhythmically wander around the stage whilst -- judging from the expression on her face, passing a kidney stone. By the end of it, even Mary is threatening to call 911. When questioned, Naomie explains: "I was doing a kind of a dancing, kind of messed up in the middle." Nigel wants to know if she'd invest in herself as a dancer? "Yes?" offers Naomie? "You're a bad financial advisor," snaps Nigel. Naomie claims to have had problems with the floor (as in she was on the floor, maybe). Nigel wants to know which planet she's on, and she's still in denial. Mary rips off Naomie's head, puts it on a tee, and pulls the Big Bertha out of the bag. "I don't wanna be mean right now, but augh!" says Mary, and then goes off on her for putting everyone, and then standing there looking at the judges "like I'm the crazy one." Mandy thinks she's being Punk'd. Mandy wishes Punk'd would bother.

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