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Michelle's also contemporary, but her technique is slightly sharper, and she has some sock-slippage issues on the stage. "You're very talented, your upper body is extremely toned," says Nigel. Mary also says she enjoyed it. The judges put her through too, with Nigel joking that she and Kortney have to do everything together.

So there's two of them plus 19 others in the choreography round. Michelle: going to Vegas. Kortney: Nigel tells her she's more attractive dancing without the long scarf she had on during her solo (which is hard not to read as "I can see your boobs better." He unfortunately says it made her look like Miss Piggy.). She's going to Vegas too. Ryann: Nigel fakes him out before sending him on through.

Outside, he hugs his mother ("Harmonie" -- does she run the club?) who says he deserves something good to happen after all the bad that's been happening to him.

And if my math is right, only two of the dancers in the choreography round didn't make it, and the two day total of dancers making it from Salt Lake City is forty-two.

The auditions move on to Dallas, home of the Polyphonic Spree, who I figure are due for a SYTYCD tribute episode. Blankets are the trend in Dallas. Dammit, America. You shouldn't need blankets if you can't even see your breath.

Sitting in on the judges' table is Adam Shankman, who did Hairspray, which is only the third biggest musical of all time! Should I get that fact-checked? Can we take that faith? Does anyone care?

First up is Brian Davidson, who claims to be 30, but he's old enough to be my father. So no one checks ID on this show, right? He looks like Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club, only twenty-five years older, heavier and more cynical.

He busts out the "older guy at a dance club" moves, with the shruggy arms and the squinty eyes and the pursed lips. The judges are not kind, but not as unkind as he deserves, with Nigel daring the guy to be prepared to work harder or go home. "That's not a problem for me, man," says Brian, and Nigel calls his bluff and sends him home. Outside he does the predictable "judges don't know shit" routine. "I'm a rebel with a cause. I do what I want when I want and how I want. Period," he says, with the look of a man who doesn't actually get to do what he wants very much of the time. The look of a man whose life is anywhere near what he wants. Maybe at home he gets to choose which television channel he watches. As for the other dancers? He acknowledges that he doesn't have "all that fluidity and all that grace man. I'm like a bull in a China shop. But I got groove, man." He also does a terrible impression of Nigel. Like "doesn't sound like anyone from the same continent Nigel is from" terrible. And then he's off to catch the bus to his parents' house.

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