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Joshua Allen's motto is, "If you don't come big, don't come at all." He does a fantastic hip-hop routine that twitches and pulsates and makes it look his stomach ripples up through his chest and out his arms. He jumps and splits and kicks. Nigel likes it a lot -- compares him to Jamile from Season 1, and calls him the most exciting dancer he's seen today. "I just fell in LOVE... with your dancing!" says Mary. Adam calls him amazing. They put him through to choreography.

Cassady Corder is one of those contestants who feels compelled to tell us that people never think she can dance. But then she can dance! And then they're all "wha----?" She's actually not that bad, but it's just a lot of booty-shaking and hair twirling but you can see a lot of the transitions in her face -- like you know when you can see a bad actor . Nigel calls it the worst he's seen today, which is mean, and certainly not true. Outside the stage, she's upset and saying she regretted coming here.

Brianna Gardner does some weird hip-hop interpretive thing. "She looks like a very boring stripper," says Nigel. Boring strippers are the worst kind! And poor Kayleigh Darling is the poster child for a montage of what Cat calls "all thorns and no roses."

John Dix and Arielle Coker dance together, and then I fall asleep. I can't tell if they're bad or not. Nigel references Beauty and the Beast as well as Step Up and Step Up 2: Step Upper, since Adam worked on those, and because Arielle is fantastic and John isn't as much. "Every guy watching this should start dancing just so they could meet girls like you," says Nigel. Mary really enjoyed the routine, and favors putting the two of them through. Adam commends John for his partnering work, but Nigel's not impressed enough, and they send John to choreography.

But things have picked up in Dallas apparently, as we get a montage of good dancers, including about 1.7 seconds of the "best female hip-hop dancer we've had on the program." Thanks for showing her to us, then.

The last contestant is Steven Arner, with two mini-afros on either side of his head, giving him a Mickey Mouse profile. He brings a chair out on stage for his dance routine. Although the phrase "dance routine" might be overstating the case a little bit. He shimmies. He moves around, that I can say for certain. At one point he is in one place, and then he is in another place, so he did not remain stationary.

Nigel: "Steven, what the hell were you doing?" Steven says he got lost, but he was "doing good at the first." Nigel says no he wasn't, and Steven argues with him. Mary calls it terrible too. Surprisingly, Steven disagrees. "It looked like you were sleepwalking. And most importantly you gave us the impression that you didn't care about being here at all," says Adam. Steven suggests he needs training in other types of dance than hip-hop. "You need hip-hop training," Mary shoots back, and they argue, and she tells him, "If you say no to me one more time, you're delusional." Which he does, and suggests Mary is delusional. And then he calls her something that requires a bleep and a SYTYCD logo pasted over his mouth. And the judges continue to argue with him as he makes his way out of the theatre -- probably a little bit more than necessary. But the guy did suck, and he was rude, and he was the last audition of what was probably a long day.

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