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The three tappers do a Anthony Morigerato routine to a live version of "You Really Did It" by Jason Mraz. I worry for the tappers, always, given their history on the show but all three of these dancers have personality and skill in spades and at least so far also seem capable of more than just tap. So we'll see. Each of them gets their own short solo and it's fun to watch their crazy footwork. They also get a standing ovation and a lot of compliments from the judges. Seriously, this isn't the week to look for anything terribly hard-hitting; it's just an opportunity to watch some fun dancing before breaking 19 of these kids' hearts for real over the next few weeks.

BluPrint and Jade are called up together to see which animator is going to get a chance to compete this season. We're reminded that BluPrint might not have enough personality while Nico had a partner who tried to humiliate him in Vegas which sucked, but he also maybe isn't a fantastic partner anyway. But even with those issues, both of them make it into the top 20 and they run around in gleeful circles at the news.

They are then up with a Christopher Scott routine to "Trigger (Original Mix)" by Kezwik feat. Mel Presson and are on stage with four mannequins. Christopher Scott is always at his best with dancers who can move like this and the routine is just super cool and fun. The two of them are a little off from each other, just a tiny bit, but since it is just the first show I'll let that slide for now -- they'll either get better or go home, so there you go. Standing ovation! Nigel pats himself on the back for keeping both of them given the reaction of the audience. The question remains as to if they can handle other styles, but for now they are beloved.

Next up is another batch of contemporary dancers. Would-be charmer Carlos is up first and Nigel tells him that every judge loves him and he's in. I hope he can tone it down a little and just dance because I can see his "charming" schtick wearing thin fast. Poor David Lorenzo is then told he is out. Sexy Hayley is up next and though she tells us she gets timid and intimidated, she should know that Nigel never turns down sexy and she's in the top 20. Malece is up next and after being reminded about all the sacrifices her mom made for her to dance, of course she is in too. They weren't going to be all, "You can't afford your house, but too bad! Try again next year!"

The three of them get a Mia Michaels routine to "Stay" by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko that features the girls in prom-style dresses, fighting over Carlos in someone's living room. It's very sexy and intense and the three do a fabulous job. The makeup is hilarious -- the girls have mascara running down their faces. Mary warns Carlos that he has some work to do but tells the girls that they are awesome which is about right since I almost forgot he was there. Adam warns them they have to find some deeper emotion if they are going to get votes. Nigel says it's interesting to see how they all grow through the season and wishes them all luck, so I think he's not expecting any of them to make it far.

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