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Like Sand Through the Hourglass

Ballroom partners Britney and Serge are called up at the same time and Mary has the bittersweet job of telling Britney she is in while Serge is not. Next up is Jenna Johnson, and we learn that two of her sisters had already made it this far in earlier seasons, only to be cut. Mary tries to fake her out but Jenna has actually broken her family's curse by making it in. Paul the jive dancer is in as well. This leaves the Bersten brothers left competing for one spot. Mary loves the bond between them, which she is about to shatter by telling Alan that he's in while his brother Gene is out.

The four of them have a Louis Van Amstel routine to one of my current favorite guilty (except not) pleasure songs, "Wings" by Little Mix. Their cha-cha is fun and sexy but Alan and Jenna really stood out more to me and I totally forgot Paul was even there. Adam warns the boys to fill every movement and tells the girls they are amazing and Nigel and Mary agree. Mary agrees so much she delivers her first scream of the regular season.

Six girls are left in the holding room with only two spots remaining, and there are a lot of twitching feet and nauseated looks going on in there. Amy, who had one of the dancing dads, is up first. She and her inspirational six-pack abs are in the top 20. Please excuse me a moment while I pin up a picture of her to inspire myself at the gym. Marisa, Tessa and Gabby are all given their walking papers so we are down to Megan or Jasmine Mason for the last spot. Aha! I think I can predict the winner based on my Jasmine theory from earlier...and I am right! All that reality show watching has paid off after all. Jasmine cries that it's so hard to be happy when her best friend got cut.

But she'll pull it together to dance a Sonya Tayeh routine with Amy to "Enjoy" by Björk, which seems so right for our first Sonya number of the season. It's very weird and futuristic and stuttering, so... perfectly Sonya. Yet again, my main quibble is that the girls aren't totally in sync with each other, which can be worked on. Also, I feel like Jasmine needs a bit more intensity to fit the music and choreography, but it's still fun to watch. Nigel compliments them both even though Jasmine could get a little better technically. Mary says it was her favorite routine of the night. Adam tells Amy she's ridiculously good, while he can't wait to watch Jasmine grow.

Now that we have a full top 20, it's time for the big group numbers and first we have the top 10 guys doing a Christopher Scott routine about manipulating the earth, and they're going to be dancing with sand. Ah, the song is actually called "Sand" by Nathan Lanier feat. Karen Whipple. How delightfully literal! BluPrint is featured, as he should be in this style, but the others all hold their own remarkably well, considered. There are also other styles worked in so that everyone has a chance to shine. They dance! They throw sand! Let's all be careful with the earth! Seriously though, it's cool. Mary screams, Adam compliments how Christopher worked in everyone's styles, and Nigel pats the show on the back for its amazing choreography.

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