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Season 10 – Top 12: Perform, 2 Eliminated

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The Last Cut Is The Deepest

Mary mentions that there were some technical issues with the footwork, but overall, she was incredibly moved. Kenny Ortega talks some bullshit about the "wonderful love story, week-to-week" with these two, which means he hasn't been paying attention. Nigel's historical agita about whether the Viennese waltz will bore his audience to tears once again gets expressed, but he thinks they were great. He also praises how much Fik-Shun appears to pick up between rehearsal and performance. Nigel also basically guarantees Amy that she's not going home this week. Whoa, my kingdom for a camera on Malece right now.

Jasmine and Aaron: Hip-Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
The theme is the Old West, because: why not? Jasmine even gets dressed up like an old-timey saloon whore. The movements are fast and angular, and Aaron and Jasmine totally kill it. Aaron has got stank-face for days, and his hulking frame keeps it from seeming too goofy. That's certainly an advantage he holds over his wispier contemporary competitors. He does stay pretty upright during the routine, but I betcha Nigel doesn't call him on it like he'd call one of those aforementioned wispy boys. Not that Aaron should be called on anything, mind you. He's fabulous. There's just a little something extra that Jasmine and Aaron deliver each week that puts them ever-so-slightly ahead of the pack. Attitude, chemistry, whatever you want to call it. Maybe this is the week everybody starts realizing it? The judges leap to their feet, so maybe there's a good chance. Nigel of course starts talking about Jasmine and "pelvic girdles," because he's drawn to creepy-old-man comments like an electromagnet.

And now for the group routines. Tabitha and Napoleon get the boys for a hip-hop number. Tucker, of course, cannot rehearse, so the other five guys get to performing with a giant rope prop, as NapTab holler at them all about being "men." Oh, dance. You are a roiling cauldron of gender and sexual ambivalence. Like, once they're up on that stage, no amount of denim or plaid flannel is going to be able to disguise that expressing oneself through movement is an inherently feminized activity. Not that it's feminine, per se, but that it's infused with aspects that we as a culture have decided to label as feminine. The result, when it's men dancing, is a rather exciting and transgressive blend of the masculine and feminine that I think should be celebrated but which is continually either ignored or degraded on this show.

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