So You Think You Can Dance
Season 10 – Top 14: Perform, 2 Eliminated

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Nigel Lythgoe's Hip-Hop School for Boys

Amy and Fik-Shun: Hip-Hop (Christopher Scott)
Fik-Shun is a restaurant patron, Amy is the waitress, and they're dancing to the traditional, bordering-on-boring choice of "Let's Get It On." Speaking of prop danger, Amy totally slips on a towel and falls down, though she recovers right away. They're playful and cute and probably won't get dinged for cutesy hip-hop the way other couples might. But honestly, these two get more G-rated by the week, and I wonder at what point that same-iness becomes a liability. Nigel mentions it as a danger, for sure. Amy gets the expected treatment in the wake of her stumble: she's Anna's favorite! She recovered so well! (She did.) Nigel advances the fiction (Fik-Shun?) that they would be so far ahead of all the other teams if the voting were cumulative, which is horseshit. Jasmine and Aaron have been just as good, if not better, all season. If America isn't reflecting that, they're idiots.

Malece and Alan: Salsa (Jonathan Platero)
I honestly don't think I remember Jonathan from Season 5 until I see those gorgeous blue eyes, at which point I remember that beautiful "Falling Slowly" routine he and his partner did. Alan, meanwhile, really looks a lot like Jennifer Lawrence. Nothing else really to add. This is a super-fast, lift-heavy routine, and these two pull it off quite well. The degree to which Alan looks like he's having fun out there could hurt him, because it doesn't always look like he's trying. Hayley was better at her Latin ballroom than Malece was at hers, I think, but Hayley was dancing with an instructor, and ultimately, Malece was fine. The judges definitely seem invested in keeping Malece afloat, at Alan's expense even. Anna suggests they make a baby (Alan and Malece, not Nigel and Mary).

For the first group number, Spencer Liff places Alan, Malece, Hayley, Makenzie, Jenna, and Nico in a pool hall and has them dance with the cues. Spencer himself fills in for the injured Curtis, and Nigel can't stop talking about how much he upstaged the kids, Alan and Nico especially. Which I think it kind of bullshit, since Nico and Hayley were, to me, the two standouts. Anna shouts out the steadicam operators, because I guess we've reached the limit of her dance vocabulary. Gotta hit those textbooks like Christina Applegate, girl. After it's all done, Cat goes, "Let's hear it for them..." and the crowd delays their reaction, waiting to hear Cat rattle off the names. So then Cat goes off-mic (uh, mostly) and whispers to Nico, "That was awkward," and basically reminds me why I love her so much.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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