So You Think You Can Dance
Season 10 Top 16: Perform, 2 Eliminated

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Tyce Diorio Gets Worse

Hayley and Curtis: Contemporary (Dee Casparay)
These two have a big ol' ladder to nowhere in the middle of the stage as their prop. The choreography is quite beautiful, but whereas Jenna and Tucker have that implicit trust and fused partnership thing happening, I don't see that here yet. I see the gears grinding a bit too much, particularly with Curtis. It's not the fluid thing it needs to be, quite. Mary says she liked it, though she tells Curtis that he really needs to start pulling down his shoulders. Nigel, in fact, says the whole routine was "ruined" by his shoulders. Whenever there is a dancer this far into the competition who needs the shoulders-down or feet-pointed note, it's never a good sign. Cat does the very best possible thing for these two by getting Curtis to talk about how he took Hayley out on a "date" this past week (though when Curtis shyly says it was to work on their teamwork, I have to say I buy it).

Amy and Fik-Shun: Jazz (Tyce Diorio)
Okay, first of all: "Hobo Jazz"? Second of all: music from the Triplets of Belleville soundtrack? Tyce, you giant hack, If you're going to outright steal from Wade Robson like this, maybe don't be quite so obvious? It ruins any enjoyment I might have ever had for the routine, this crass thievery. This is my punishment for a show otherwise full of some of my favorite choreographers. It goes without saying that Robson's routine is a hundred times more interesting, even if Amy and Fik-Shun dance this abomination with skill and energy. Carly, who doesn't know any better, raves about what she says is her favorite routine so far. But Nigel SHOULD know better, and he praises Tyce beyond all measure for one of his best routines and says Amy and Fik-Shun have grown enormously for this performance. Oh, calm down, you old whore. Mary at least has the decency to confine her over-praise for Amy and Fik-Shun themselves, though she does put them on the hot tamale train. This demeans us all.

Makenzie and Paul: Hip-Hop (Dave Scott)
The idea here is that Makenzie is a 1930s model and Paul is her photographer. Whereas Dave Scott's other routine tonight was sharp and precise, this one is a lot smoother and sexier, and Paul and Makenzie nail it. Their chemistry is so on point, it's ridiculous. Nigel calls it the sexiest routine of the evening, and, like, duh. Though he does have to play know-it-all and call it more 1920s than 1930s. Mary cannot help but agree, calling the whole thing sexy and clever. Cat declares it "very Baz Luhrmann," which, fine. Better than another outright Gatsby reference.

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