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It'll be Sasha and Melanie

Cat has some Gaga-related references to bring us into the show. But I think we already heard an "Edge of Glory" joke yesterday, didn't we? I'm sorry, Cat, but I can't award you full points.

The opening dance is kind of a sepia-toned circus thing set to a song from the Water for Elephants soundtrack. It feels like Sonya Tayeh to me. There are a couple of ropes for people to swing on, but they feel pretty extraneous to the main action in my opinion. It actually turns out to be Tyce DiOrio, and I liked it more than most of his stuff. It's probably a good thing that he didn't get a chance to explain whatever stupid story was allegedly involved.

Rob Marshall is back on the judging table. Lady Gaga won't be judging because she's doing a song. Nigel and Mary are here, because you can't get rid of them. Rob shares reminiscences about last night's judging, and I think it's a little early for nostalgia.

Enough fun. The four ladies come out. We see that Lady Gaga did, in fact, walk out to the judging table on those ridiculous shoes. Sasha's up first. She had a quickstep I wasn't in love with and a routine with Melanie that was like cheating. Sasha and Melanie are my favorite two, and Sonya's my favorite choreographer. It was awesome, wasn't it? Next to her is Jordan, who got bent around by Ade and did a rhumba with Jess. Then it's on to Caitlynn, who did hip-hop with Ivan and a foxtrot with Tadd. Melanie killed it with Neil and then killed it again with Sasha.

So two girls are safe. Think it's Sasha and Melanie? I do! But there's a commercial break in an attempt to add drama. It doesn't really work, because Sasha and Melanie are the best and everyone knows it. Jordan and Caitlynn are in the bottom. Cat tells them that their patooties are cute and sends them off to get ready for their solos.

It's time for the guys. Jess seems to enjoy the spontaneous applause. He had Lauren Gottlieb and matched up well with her. Oh, and that rhumba with Jordan I mentioned earlier. Marko blew everyone's mind when he danced with Allison, and he also did a janitor-themed hip hop routine with Ricky. There's more footage of his mother tonight. She sobbed all over him backstage. Cat reveals that Marko is through to next week, which means that Jess is in the bottom. Jess does not seem shocked. He has a cocky look on his face, but I think that's just what his face looks like. He strips down to his undershirt as he strolls offstage.

Ricky did a jive with Anya and that hip-hop with Marko. Tadd had Lauren Froderman for jazz and Caitlynn for the foxtrot. Ricky is safe, and he seems surprised. Tadd isn't, though, and he gives Ricky a big hug. Cat tells Tadd that her shoulders are too high for him to casually drape an arm around her, so he has to go for the waist. Tadd joins his fellow bottom-halfers, and Jess is going Full Broadway. By that I mean he has put on black suspenders and white fingerless gloves. No hat, though.

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