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By the way, we're now 28 minutes into the show, and it's been pretty much all rerun footage from yesterday.

But! The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers are here to be awesome at us! There are sudden bursts of cheering from the crowd, which might mean that they recognize people. I think it's about a schoolyard rumble. One of the gangs is composed of three contortionists wearing letterman jackets. Somebody slides all the way across the stage on his head. There's tutting that turns into Street Fighter moves, followed by a Bewitched reference. Delayed backflips. Crazy flippy spins. It's great. The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers are super-fun. Cat insists that it's not physically possible. They've got a series on Hulu, apparently.

This weekend is National Dance Day. Mary Murphy has a simple dance. Robin Anttin has a hip-thrusty dance. And Tabitha and Napoleon have their usual thing. We see staff members and blind kids and sick kids and a hairy homeless guy dancing. Also Donny Osmond, who's actually the exact opposite of a surprise, when you think about it. Anyway, it's July 30 if that's the sort of thing you're into. I still don't fully understand the amusement park angle, but it's in there if you want to participate. Mary Murphy will be on the National Mall with some fairly mild celebrities. Nigel will be in Valencia and he insists that Cat join him. She politely declines, because she's classy like that.

Jordan's solo involves a version of Rihanna's "S&M" that I think has had the title censored out of it. Her leg goes up a few times, sure, but not really that many. Jess looks like a damn mime. And he's dancing to "Mack the Knife." That seems classy, but it's Kevin Spacey singing. You know, from that one movie? Anyway, this looks exactly like you think it does. Jess has decided he's just going to be himself as hard as possible, which is probably due to Lady Gaga's bad influence. She's always recommending that sort of thing.

Caitlynn's solo is kind of unremarkable. I feel this way about all her solos. They just feel like a collection of dance moves. They're performed well, but it just doesn't strike me as dancing, you know? Tadd comes out doing air guitar to Harry Belafonte's "Jump in the Line." And he's having a good time out there, doing goofy hip-shakes and ending with a crazy flip off the stage. I like to see somebody having fun. And then he runs off into the crowd, apparently (according to Cat) taking a victory lap of the studio. Cat sends the judges off to do their judging.

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