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Oh, apparently there are solos now. I know this because here's Sasha, doing a solo. She's decided to share more toward the "contemporary" end of her repertoire, what with all the rolling around on the floor. I don't think we get a good look at her face until she's done.

Jordan has been paired with Brandon for a contemporary routine choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. It's about "love," which isn't that much of a new direction. Brandon complains about how difficult the routine is, which is hardly the way an All-Star is supposed to talk. There's a great visual at the end of the rehearsals where we see Dwight carrying Desmond, followed by Brandon carrying Jordan.

Their actual dance is great. I mean, I'm as sick of Jordan throwing her leg around as the next guy, but it looks terrific here. The times when they're in sync flow naturally into spots where they're out of sync. Great job! Cat makes fun of Brandon for having too much muscle definition and sends him off. Mary says that the dance was good enough to show Jordan's doubters what she can do. I don't disagree with her, actually. Nigel loves Dwight and Desmond and says that Jordan doesn't have weaknesses so the choreographers could do whatever they wanted with her. He also says that she's been in the "bottom two" for awhile. He probably means "bottom three" here. Neil says that even though Brandon was awesome and shirtless and yoked (that's the new phrase for "loaded with muscle," I think) but he couldn't take his eyes off Jordan. So that's good for her, right?

Jess is the next person with a solo. I've liked him a lot more recently, but I still find his solo really... Jess-y. Maybe it's the Harry Connick, Jr. Cat banters adorably with him when he's done, though. I don't see a gang sign here.

Tadd + Comfort = Chuck Maldonado hip hop. Comfort is instructed to be "gutter sexy," which I don't think is a thing. We have our thousandth discussion of whether a given dancer has "swag."

The song is "Look at Me Now" by Chris Brown, which I think I recognize because it was in a fanvid for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I find the dance a little slow considering the speed of the rap. I don't feel like they're perfectly in sync here. Also, I don't like the song. The Pony video with the Wu Tang Clan was much better.

Nigel insists on talking about the difference between "hip hop dancers" (who have choreography) and "B-Boys" like Tadd (who do a series of tricks) and Neil agrees that Tadd out-hip-hopped Comfort. Then Neil talks about an upcoming How I Met Your Mother with dancing. Apparently, Spencer Liff is responsible, but Neil had trouble keeping up. Nigel asks Neil if he dances in the Smurf movie. (Answer: no, but he does do air guitar.) Mary also liked it. And she has an opinion on swagger. Also, "ghettolicious." I wonder what these people think the word "ghetto" means.

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