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Season 8: Top 10 Perform

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Pasha's so good, you guys. It's got to be exciting for a dancer when she's told he'll be her partner. He's just so solid and clean out there. He makes Caitlynn look great. Cat: "No one Blue Steels like Pasha!" Then she sends him off because he's pulling double duty tonight. Mary gives it a standing ovation and tells Caitlynn she was breathtaking. Her passion, apparently, was real tonight for the first time. It sounds like Mary's going to cry. Nigel insists on telling Caitlynn how sexy she was. He says that the only other two people he's seen give that much passion were Miriam Lirici and Anya Garnis. Look, let's not get crazy here. Caitlynn did fine, but she's not Anya yet. Neil liked how the dance was able to be slow and sensual at the same time. And it was the first time he's wanted to learn the Argentinian Tango. Caitlynn is positively giddy over all this praise, which is pretty reasonable.

Mitchell's solo is good, but his white shorts get kind of bunched up at times so it looks like he's wearing a diaper. I guess maybe that's what he's going for? Anyway, there still do not appear to be any season-specific hand gestures. Does this season not have any school spirit?

Sasha is teamed up with Twitch! Hooray! They've got Christopher Scott in a routine about a couple in a passionless relationship. It's Sasha's job to shake things up. Twitch says that he'll have to try to keep up with her or she'll blow him off the stage. It starts with a breakfast table onto which Sasha steps.

This routine is great. And one reason is that it's not to a standard hip hop song. See, where Tyce wants to do a Fosse-esque dance about planes, he picks a song about planes that Bob Fosse choreographed a dance to. Here, it's "Misty Blue" by Dorothy Moore, which is a soul song from 1976. By the way, there's this one amazing kip-up that Sasha does where she somehow stops halfway through with her torso still horizontal until Twitch pushes her upright. They absolutely kill it, is what I'm saying.

Before the judges even get to speak, we see the other choreographers congratulating Christopher Scott. Cat has Twitch take a bow, which involves him extricating himself from Sasha's hug. Then it's time for Nigel to talk. He reminds everyone that Twitch did last season's most memorable routine (with Alex Wong, remember? That was great!) and that he did it again. This was the first time, in Nigel's opinion, that Sasha showed chemistry with her partner. Take that, Alexander! Neil loved it and is already looking forward to seeing that dance again in the finale and the tour. He ends with "You guys should dance every dance together." Mary sounds like she's about to start shrieking but she seems too out of breath. She does take a moment to tell us that Sasha's an All-Star tonight.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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