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When we come back from commercial, Cat tells some unidentified people, "Behave, you two!" Then it's time for Jordan's solo. She manages to restrict herself to doing only two leg extensions. Good for her! I think the reason we're not seeing any gang signs is that the dancers have been coached to only show the number they want people to dial. If that's true, whoever does the next solo will be the one to do an interesting "eight" sign.

Jess and Kathryn have Stacy Tookey. Stacy says that its a contemporary piece about not being able to see what's right in front of you, which turns out to mean that they don't make any eye contact. There are a lot of lifts in this, which might be bad news for Jess, but Stacy assures us that Kathryn can levitate. Well, that's the sort of thing that should come in handy, then.

It's an odd routine because Kathryn really is looking away from Jess the whole time. This results in a missed spot where her foot bumps into him, but it's mostly cool. I like Jess's dancing in this a lot; I just wish I weren't panicking whenever he has to pick his partner up. The ending, where Kathryn does look Jess in the eye (from about an inch away) is quite nice.

Neil praises Stacy. And with that out of the way, he says that he's going to be a little stricter with his Broadway critiques, which means that he'll also be stricter on Jess, who's very Broadway. He wants Jess to stop mugging so much and be more present and sincere. This isn't a critique for this specific routine; it's a general thing to work on. In this dance, Jess had to stay focused on Kathryn and couldn't mug out to the audience. Mary liked it the most of any Jess routine so far. Nigel works in a Joan Rivers facelift joke and also talks about Ade and the "Mad World" routine. When he eventually gets around to this dance, it turns out that he, too, thinks it was Jess's best work to date. I think I liked his stuff last week more, actually.

Tadd's solo claims to be to "Something I Can't Have" by Robin Thicke, but it's clearly just Yma Sumac's "Malambo No. 1" with some guy kind of mumbling over the top of it. Maybe it gets different later on, but this is at least 95% Yma Sumac. Tadd does some awesome handstanding and is dressed like Rainbow Dash. That's right; I just made the second My Little Pony reference of the episode. Deal with it! Anyway, no seasonal gang sign.

Melanie got Pasha? Nice! It's a Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkison, so I assume it will be terrific. Pasha has lost his will to live and Melanie will be nurturing him. She has to prod him into moving. And for the second time this evening, Melanie's excellent dancing will be paired with a distractingly weird cover song. This time, it's "Everybody Hurts" by Tina Arena. Man, after watching Jess kind of struggle with lifts, it's amazing to watch Pasha make everything look effortless. Unfortunately, this dance isn't grabbing me the way I want it to. I don't know why exactly, but I'm just not in love with it the way "Melanie got Pasha" made me think I was going to be.

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