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Perhaps the judges can explain it! Mary can't, because she loved it. She specifically praises the transitions in the lifts, which did look beautiful. She just rose up off the floor and came back to Earth when appropriate. Nigel also goes on about the perfect flow of the lifts. Neil, too, wants to talk about the effortless lifts. Also: "You're easily my favorite dancer on the show." Look, I agree that the lifts were beautiful, but I still didn't love the dance as a whole.

Caitlynn's solo could easily have been done by Jordan or Clarice. It's quite good, but it doesn't distinguish her the way Sasha or Melanie have been doing.

Ricky has Allison the All-Star in a routine by Tyce the Replacement-Level Choreographer. The dance is about a bad dream that Allison is having. She wakes up, see, and Ricky whispers in her ear. Tyce wants him to whisper, "I am your worst nightmare," which is too vague to actually mean anything. Also, Ricky thinks he's too nice a guy.

Well, at least the song ("Precious Things" by Tori Amos) isn't explicitly about bad dreams. And the choreography isn't trying to be Bob Fosse. But I don't know what it wants to be. I'm not into it at all. It's like somebody had Sonya Tayeh described to them over the phone and decided to try to replicate it without ever seeing it. It's really out of Tyce's comfort zone, which I kind of respect? Nigel approaches a compliment and then changes his mind, saying that some of the dancers tonight have out-danced the All-Stars. Then he clarifies that Ricky was not one of those people. Well, thanks for bringing it up, then! Neil thinks it was a bold call by Tyce because Ricky normally dances "young." He also references Ricky's dance for his life last week, so I guess I'll accept that he watches the show. Mary liked it a lot and throws in a "Whoo!" I think it might be her only one of the night, which I appreciate.

Marko! Flip, flip, spin, bow, step, spin, somersault, back somersault, flip, spin, hop, hop, hop. Hop.

Clarice has Robert and Nakul Dev Mahajan. I refuse to even record the details of the storyline here, because I promise that I will be unable to distinguish any of it from a regular Bollywood number. Here we go! Colorful clothes! Hands in the air! Kicking! Crouching! At one point, Robert's spins are encouraged by kicks from Clarice. And then they kiss and the audience is gleeful.

Neil says that Bollywood dancing is very intricate, which I imagine is true. He says that it's hard to come in as a judge partway through the season because he has biases from watching as a viewer at home. He hasn't felt a connection to Clarice before, but now he did. Mary refers to something called a "knee-drop," which I think is that part where the dancers crouch in the middle of dancing. Nigel says that the routine was a perfect fit for Clarice. Was it? Was it really? He also claims that next week, we'll have a whole new batch of All-Stars, which probably isn't literally true. Pasha's not going anywhere.

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