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Season 8, Top 16: Performances

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Previously: Shortsighted executive-producer decisions, unfriendly odds, and, let's be honest, a poor performance by us, the viewers, all added up to Nick and Iveta (as well as Missy and Wadi) getting the boot. Part of me wants to spend the first few pages of this recap imagining how Nick and Iveta would perform each of this week's routines. No, I'm NOT over it!

On the bright side, Cat is dressed like a sparkly Roxie Hart tonight. And Broadway darling -- and insanely tanned -- Kristin Chenoweth is our guest judge, along with the wonderfully wordy Lil' C. Another bright side: Cat finally nails the "These are the gulls ... and here are your guys" routine that she's mysteriously flubbed the past two weeks. A sense of normalcy returns. Even if we're only at Top 16 and Melanie and Marko are already my only hope. (...Okay, that's not fair. I've also got Tadd and Sasha.)

Two group routines this week, with eight dancers in each. The first group, getting a Tyce routine, are: Ryan, Sasha, Melinda, Marko, Chris, Mitchell, Clarice, and Tadd. In other words: all the pairs have been split up. The routine is some pretty standard Fosse stuff, and as is par for the course for Tyce, nobody gets much of an opportunity to stand out. Fair and Balanced Tyce Compliment: the LED lights on the underside of the chairs are pretty cool, even if the women then using the chairs as a lion tamer might kind of doesn't make any sense.

Sasha and Alexander: Contemporary (Dee Caspary)
Clean-shaven Alexander manages to look even more nondescript than he used to. He's a pianist who plays and remembers her, the memory of a lover. There's a piano on stage, and Sasha emerges from it. The routine is smart to focus on her, as there are stretches where Alexander just sits at the piano with his back to the audience. But it doesn't matter, because you can't take your eyes off her. She's graceful and unpredictable in her movement; never telegraphs a thing. Near the end, Sasha crawls back into the piano, then reaches her hands out to the keys in a way that supposed to seem creepy but comes off as cheesy. The judges are positive, if reserved, in their praise, with both Nigel and Mary repeating past critiques that Alexander needs to dig deeper. Kristin compliments the lightness of Sasha and sticks up for Alexander, complimenting his extensions. Lil' C loves the effortlessness of the routine. Alex, as ever, looks about ready to puke while Cat gives out the phone numbers. He's so awkward, even as he tries to pick Sasha's nose and... lick her? Sigh.

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