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Season 8: Top 4: Performances

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Sasha and Melanie: Contemporary (Stacy Tookey)
According to The Took, this one is about "suppressed" housewives. Oh, girl. Anyway, on stage, Mel and Sasha are dressed in big, petticoat-y dressed, and there are a pair of white-picket-fence corners on opposite sides of the stage. Hilarious! How very The Hours! Mel is the Julianne Moore and Sasha is the Toni Collette. Tooks, I love ya, but you do overreach every now and again. Lucky for her, Melanie and Sasha can really do no wrong; they wring every bit of emotion out of these women and their fenced-in lives. They try to pull each other out, but in the end, they're alone. There's great urgency in their movement. It's gorgeous. Kenny calls them two actresses that can dance, before getting REALLY into the story of it. Katie: "I love your outfits!" Yeah. Nigel loves the camaraderie between Mel and Sasha as competitors, then tells them they should join dance companies when this is all said and done.

Marko and Tadd: Gumboot Stepping (Chuck Maldonado)
We get the background on this style, that "Gumboot" is from South Africa, and is kind of the roots of traditional stepping. Of course, the history lesson is then supplanted by the image on stage of Tadd and Marko dressed up like coal miners. And I mean, coal miners as envisioned by Snow White's seven dwarves. With the hats and the pick-axes, and the wheelbarrows and the overalls. They look like the Super Mario Brothers of coal-mining. Of course, then we hear the music is "Bombs Over Baghdad" and all is forgiven. Well, almost. Tadd is hitting the routine on point, but Marko is visibly struggling to keep up. He's not terrible, but the disconnect is there. Katie: "You guys are great!" Mary makes sure Marko's head-lamp is on (nice catch, Mom) and says she loved it. Hrm. Nigel notes that stepping works best with a huge group of people, which is an excellent point. And then he goes and squanders the goodwill of making such a good point by saying, "I always thought a girl would win this season. And I haven't changed my mind." Um. WHAT A DICK! What is the point of saying that to these two guys right now? Cat frowns at him, which is like the meanest she has ever gotten. Even Katie Holmes contorts her face into a frown for that one. After handing out the numbers to call for these two doomed boys, Cat pointedly says that "ALL of our final four have done EVERYTHING they can" tonight. A.K.A., "Shut up, Nigel."

In between the routines, we got some interview segments with Cat and the final four, followed by their solos. I figured I'd bunch them all up here at the end. Melanie says her favorite dance was the one with Neil (I FEEL YOU, GIRL), and that she's closest to Ricky (who she cries about, as this was filmed directly after he was eliminated last week) and Marko. Cat asks about the kiss during their hip-hop number. "HE kissed ME," she insists. Then: "It was open-mouthed but no tongues." Well! Her solo is not the powerhouse of last week (what could be?). It's slower, almost mournful. She never fails to tell a story, even with her solos.

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