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After the break, Cat's on the judges' island, talking about the twenty billion Emmy nominations the show got in the choreography category, all the while, we see Kent and Lauren Froderman slow-dancing on the stage. See, they're going to reprise that lovely routine Travis choreographed for them last season, "Collide." If you know me at all, you know that I am pleased. These two were just made to dance together, and this dance really captured what was special about their pocket-sized youthful enthusiasm. And, of course, all anybody talks about is how they kiss. Also, hi, they're two insanely gifted contemporary dancers. Not that it doesn't totally freak me out how much Kent has matured in a year. He's still teeny-tiny, still with the goofy Ohio grin, but something in the shoulders. Or maybe that California tan he's acquired. Sunrise, sunset, all that. Afterwards, Cat says that Lauren will be back as an all-star next week, with Robert, Mark Kanemura (!), and Season 4 winner Joshua.

Cat calls the gulls up for the first of tonight's results. We review last night first: Sasha and Ricky were handed the waacking challenge, which was a hell of a wild card to pull at Top 6. It seemed kind of slow and not nearly as impressive as when Princess Lockeroo busted the style out in auditions. But on the bright side, their choreographer dressed up like an auntie on her way to Sunday services, so that was fun. And then Sasha and Kent completely destroyed that wall dance, which is head and shoulders my favorite thing Tyce Diorio has ever done in his life. Which makes it TWO Tyce routines I loved this season. Who knew the Season of Nice to Tyce would pay off this well?? You're welcome, America. Caitlynn got Pasha again for a really competent samba, but she really shined in Sonya's jazz routine with Marko. Definitely HER best routine of the season. (And I loved how Christina Applegate took a moment to read the big picture and essentially told Caitlynn to really appreciate her big moment on the show, since it would clearly be her last.) Melanie and Twitch gave a semi-disappointing NapTab number, but she and Tadd managed to deliver the best Spencer Liff routine I've ever seen later on. So many bests last night! So one of them will be the first into next week's finale (not necessarily the top vote-getter, though). It's Melanie. No surprise, obvs, but GET IT, GIRL.

Now for the boys! Who come out in a conga line, because dancers are adorable dorks. Tadd and Melanie rocked the Broadway, but not before he swung from Sonya's chandelier with Ellenore. Kind of unimpressive, if only by comparison to everything else last night. Marko and Janette gave a stately paso doble, and then, as mentioned, the jazz with Caitlynn tore up the floor. Ricky and Sasha waacked it up, and then he and Jaime Goodwin were weighed down by Dee Caspary's tiny sticks of emotion. Probably the most forgettable routine of the week, the poor guy. Who's in the finale? Well, Marko, to start with. Easy call, there. Melanie's there to welcome him to the Pit of Winners, and it warms the heart to see them reunited.

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