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Season 9, Auditions #2

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Our next dancer is Eliana Gerard who is a ballet dancer but can also does a lot of amazing Cirque du Soliel moves hanging from various things. And hey, as it turns out, she was a cast member of Viva Elvis as a "dancer/aerialist," which Cat thinks means she hung from silks but Eliana corrects that she actually danced on a pole. Dude, I have friends who do that and they are strong, amazing and gorgeous and can do moves I can only dream of, so I've got nothing but respect for it. And her audition, wow. Her lines and her legs are kind of unreal -- an opinion I share with the judges, who give her a standing ovation. Nigel gives her props for giving a full performance and not just a sequence of moves, the others shower her with love, and she goes right to Vegas. Cat tells us that she kicks off a sequence of amazing dancers, and we see a montage of two gorgeous contemporary dancers and one tapper who of course goes straight through because this show (Nigel) is nothing if not a champion of tap. All are off to Vegas.

Next up we meet a pair of twins named Nick and James Aragon -- "The Ninja twins." That's Ni-n-Ja, in case you were wondering. They are identical and inseparable and adorable, and Cat is reduced to amused giggles by their shtick. They dedicate the audition piece to their dance teacher who just passed away and then perform to Man in the Mirror. They are good, but I'm not blown away -- though as it turns out, that's fine because they are 32 and the age limit for this show is 30. (And man, never have I felt so old as I do right now.) The judges tell them how much they brightened everyone's day but all I can think of is, how crappy were all of the other dancers in Los Angeles if they were able to devote NINE MINUTES of this show to these guys who were never even actually eligible for the competition?

The next dancer, Sam Lenarz, tells Cat that her dance is all about how everything will be all right in the end and then tears up as she explains that six months ago, her mom kicked her out and so she's gone to live with her best friend's family. It's sad, but I do feel like we have to be missing some part of this story. She's another contemporary dancer, great lines and crazy flexibility, but what I find most moving is the reaction of her best friend and her mom who are in the audience and obviously so proud of her. Nigel knocks her for being the opposite of Eliana and doing just one move after another without adding in artistry. Mary thinks she's too contained and needs to let go but this brings up the family issue. Jesse tells her she's beautiful and should remember that she is amazing while Nigel thinks her tears are good because she's showing emotion and knocks her family for being assholes before sending her to choreography.

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