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Season 9, Auditions #2

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Caley Carr is a surfer with a resplendent moustache who loves the outdoors. He's a tapper, so I can tell you right now that Nigel is going to love him. He claims he's going to, "get gnarly with it," whatever that means. I can't decide if I'm going to ultimately like him or want to punch him with his hyperactive dude persona. He dances to Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" and seems good, for all the nothing I know about tap but I wish he'd be less self-conscious about trying to be a duuuuuude. Jesse is in love with him, Mary calls him "fresh" and Nigel can tell he's been trained in other styles as well and they all want him to go to choreography.

Megan is a dancer whose mom worked her ass off for crazy hours so that Megan could dance. She's got a very quirky style and appropriately is dancing to Björk; I can see Sonya Tayeh just salivating over working with her. Mary sees a ton of potential in her, Jesse likes her beauty and energy, and Nigel thinks she is a little firecracker with fabulous feet who exudes pure joy. After a moment, they send her to Vegas along with a few other dancers who only rank high enough to be smooshed into a montage.

Cole Horibe is a dancer who practices martial arts and works it all into his dancing. He tells us that his audition piece is portraying a warrior who ruthlessly executes victims and has no compassion. Here is the other half of Sonya's dream team this season, I think. Though seriously, I can already see any of the choreographers just going crazy to work with him - the control in his movements is incredible and the combo of the dance and the martial arts is really cool and original. Nigel absolutely adores him but asks what other styles he has been trained in: the answer is basically everything else ever danced on earth. Mary admits that she thought his routine would just be all tricks but that he was incredible and after they gush over him a while more, they send him to Vegas.

Cat tells us that LA has turned out to be one of the best audition cities so far and we have yet another montage of dancers -- both good and bad -- and even some singing thrown in for good measure. The next dancer, though, does it all as he's a circus performer who lives in a loft with all his circus friends. David Matz hates the negative stereotypes that people have of the circus and so we see him and his friends doing a lot of awesome things that involve fire. This reminded me of a super crazy cool circus show in which a friend performed last year called Cirque Berzerk and so I did a little research; sure enough, he was in it! His specialty is the Cyr wheel, which looks rather like an oversized hula hoop inside which he does a variety of tricks. It's really cool and beautiful, and he obviously has crazy body control and movement to be able to work with this wheel, but it doesn't give any idea of how he'd do on a regular old dancing show. The judges agree, and decide to send him to choreography.

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