So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9, Auditions #2

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Stephen Jacobsen is our next dancer who claims that he's doing some sort of very not classical ballet that he pulled together last minute. I am worried, and as it turns out, I am right to be. He's got his shirt unbuttoned to show off his 10-pack and I can't even type what gross crack Nigel made about the girls doing the same if they want without shuddering, so let's just move on. I do actually like Nigel even with all of his dirty old man cracks but this is a little much for me. ANYHOW. Jesse just gazes at Stephen's abs and licks his lips; he seems oblivious to just how embarrassingly horrible the routine is but Mary and Nigel are horrified. He's obviously trained and talented but he just walks around to some 50's songs, flexing his abs, mugging, and throwing in a couple of moves in between it all. Nigel rightly chastises him for doing an idiotic routine when he obviously has actual skill that he could be showing them and even Jesse puts his tongue back in his mouth long enough to agree. They give him a second chance and when he actually does ballet, it's stunning and he gets a ticket straight to Vegas.

Next up are a number of dancers that have all been to Vegas one or five times before whose faces I recognize but whose names I can't for the life of me recall. I might have a chance to learn them again in the next few weeks since they all get tickets once again.

Then we get Jonathan Anzalone, who tried out in season 4. You might remember him as the dancer who Mia said would not be "sexcellful" because of his massive ego and bad attitude. He assures Cat he's a changed man and much more humble now than he was then. His routine is all tricks but they are at least neat tricks and I will give him that he's got muscles flexing that I never knew existed. He busts out one move that involves holding one leg up next to his head and then falling over into a split that surely will keep him from having children one day and then can't help himself and finishes off by sauntering to the front of the stage and pulling down his shirt to show off one nipple. Jesse thinks he doesn't have a whole lot of substance while Nigel thinks he's more a contortionist than a dancer. Jonathan claims that he's trained in other styles; after a lot of stupid banter and butt flexing (no, seriously) Nigel pulls one of the screaming audience members up to see if Jonathan can actually do a partner dance with a woman. Cue more posing and mugging, this time with a woman. Jesse runs up to put money in his pants and while that happens, his "dance" partner flees. After all that, Mary votes Vegas because she's easily swayed by buttock agility, but the guys both vote choreography.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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