So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9, Auditions #3

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Hot(lanta) Moves

Cat talks us through a montage of attention whores who are best left untouched so let's move on to Asher Walker, who lives in a tiny rural town in Virginia and dances hip hop. He got interested in dance from watching videos and practices in his garage on pieces of cardboard when he's not riding a tractor or shooting things. When he gets onstage he tells Nigel his dream is to be a backup dancer for Justin Bieber and seems to be serious about it. ...Okay? He dances to James Brown and he's actually quite good -- he's obviously self-taught but what he's taught himself is amazing. Debbie adores the spin he put on hip hop, Mary loves his personality, and Nigel agrees with both and adds that he's got great musicality -- it all results in a ticket to Vegas.

George Lawrence II is our next dancer, and he also dances contemporary. He did a ton of sports for his dad and excelled at track; his dad was crushed when he quit and it sounds like he's not terribly supportive of George's decision to dance instead. He thinks if he can get a ticket to Vegas, it will finally get his dad on board. I'm running out of ways to say "beautiful" and "gorgeous," which is what George II is, times a hundred. Nigel asks about his dad and he says that George I supports him, but not as much as he'd like. Nigel replies that he'd be very proud if George II was his son. Mary calls his the best Atlanta audition so far and Debbie tells him he is born to dance. Of course he goes to Vegas.

Abigail Ruz dances jazz and is going to Vegas, as is Calvin Turner, Jr. who is a beautiful ballet dancer. Aubrey Klinger is a contemporary dancer sent to Vegas, and all three of them do their jubilant Vegas dances in the hallway to end their "lovely but not interesting enough yet for a whole segment" montage.

I love this show for so many reasons, and one of them is that the audition episodes aren't showcases for untalented attention shows like some other national singing competitions I could name. But unfortunately, we can't ignore the bad ones completely so we have to make it through a short montage of awfulness. Awful dancers are awful. Terrible interviewees are terrible. Brittany Ortner is a cute girl but enunciation is not one of her skills. She's from a town in Florida that is full of roaming chickens and loves it, but wants to get out so she can dance. After her best chicken impression she dances and she's good but kind of raw. She does a contemporary dance with a few too many obvious come hither moves but of course that means Nigel likes it. Mary and Debbie think she has a ton of potential and she will be going on to choreography.

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