So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9, Auditions #3

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Hot(lanta) Moves

While she waits, she gets hit on by Deon Lewis and Damon Bellmon who tried out last year and, as it turns out, blatantly ripped off the choreography of a pair of dancers called Les Twins. D and D claim now that it was a "tribute," so Cat makes them swear on SYTYCD DVDs to tell the truth and they claim that they were showing they could pick up choreography as well as dance awesomely. She goes back to tape of their interview a year earlier and they do actually say that the dance was inspired by Les Twins, but that part didn't actually make it into the episode. I'm glad to find out they mentioned them after all but as we see both videos side-by-side, "inspired" is quite a euphemism as it's about 97% identical. They apparently have gotten loads of hate mail over the past year and so now take the chance to say sorry to Les Twins on TV. It would be nicer if they seemed a little more sincere about it. Nigel asks them if it's true that they ripped off the choreography and they now claim it was an homage. Whatever. The thing is, the two of them are really good dancers and dance really well together but I'll admit, I kind of just write them off since they only seem sorry just that they got caught. The audience gives them an ovation, so I guess they are forgiven by most. The judges decide to send them to choreography, which starts right away.

Deon pairs with Brittany and he does better than I expected but still not terribly well, so he's not going to Sin City. I thought Damon wasn't quite as good as Deon in the ten seconds we saw of their performances but he does actually score a ticket to Vegas along with Brittany and 13 other dancers. We'll see how he fares. For now there is dancing! Wooing! Ticket waving! Vegas, baby!

Lauren S is a writer and TV dance show enthusiast who lives and works in Atlanta and wishes she'd run into Cat while the auditions were here since she knows they would be best friends if given the chance. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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So You Think You Can Dance




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