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There's more time for the usual suspense-building of results this time, but I'm dispensing with all that: Eliana and Cyrus are both safe after that great hip-hop they performed a million weeks ago. Tiffany and George did that annoying NapTab neon babysitters dance which leaves Tiffany safe but George in the Bottom 3 (ugh). Amelia and Will did Mandy's jazz -- did I like that? -- and Will is safe but Amelia is Bottom 3. So at this moment, George and Amelia SEEM like shoo-ins to be saved. But there's more. Janelle and Dareian didn't do great with Pasha's cha-cha and are both Bottom 3 and immediately DEAD in the water. Sorry, you guys. So with one more boy and girl left to be in dancer, it's either Audrey and Matthew (that terrible salsa) Witney and Chehon (who did "I Will Always Love You" to huge acclaim) and Lindsay and Cole (overpraised for their contemporary routine). Who's on the outs? Matthew and Lindsay. So it's Matthew vs. George and Amelia vs. Lindsay for the save, and I honestly have no idea. They've consistently praised Lindsay far more than I have, so I guess Amelia is done? And Matthew's been criticized two weeks in a row so I guess him too? Sigh. That's gonna bum me out severely.

Nigel wants them all to solo, and they all do a pretty decent job. Amelia plays into her image with "Falling Slowly" from Once; Janelle's belly dancing is eye-popping; I don't see much in Lindsey's ballroom solo, sorry; George is sublime dancing to Explosions in the Sky; Dareian makes me LOL a bit by choosing American Idol Joshua Ledet's "It's a Man's Man's World"; and Matthew is gorgeous dancing to Damian Rice. Nothing I saw there changes my predictions that George and Lindsay will be saved, but I do wish we could somehow hold on to Amelia and Matthew.

After the break, Nigel proves me right. He seems to indicate that the extra week tonight helped save Lindsay (BOOOOOOOOOO). Amelia was still one of the best girls on the show. As for Janelle, I feel like we never got to see her blossom outside her own genre. As for the boys, Dareian is already crying, so he knows. George is safe, of course, and Matthew's SHOULDERS, you guys! They're holding up so well under the pressure. I will miss him severely, but man, he's so awkward with Cat; so stiff. He's a few years away from being the complete package yet, but the ingredients are so lovely to watch sometimes.

All-Stars next week! There's so much time left for the dance-off at the end of the show that we actually get to see the judges (and Mia) take the stage. Amelia gets special attention from Cat and Nigel, because she's so heartbroken. Matthew finally starts crying and is comforted by the ballroom twins and Nigel. Mia is really sweet with Dareian. Will kisses Amelia's forehead. I could watch this for 30 more minutes, I swear to God. Make it an online after-show, I don't care.

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