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Much like last week, Cat calls out the bottom 3 guys and girls with ruthless efficiency. The bottom 3 girls: Amber (NOOO), Lindsay, and Eliana. WHAAAAAT? What's happening with this, America? Bottom 3 guys: George, Brandon, and Dareian. That makes a bit more sense, though George did quite well last week on the foxtrot (and Cyrus did pretty poorly on last week's jive). Nigel wants to see Amber, Eliana, Brandon, and Dareian dance again. I am somewhat baffled at the method behind this selective-solo madness; would they eliminate Lindsay (or, less likely, George) without the benefit of a final solo?

As for those solos: Amber tears it down, forcing me to enjoy Lana Del Rey's "This Is What Makes Us Girls" in the process. I like her so much, you guys. Though I worry her hair obstructing her face too much (Nigel always needs to see faces). Brandon is impressive, showing off his stepping maneuvers. Eliana is gorgeous in this unfortunate pink lycra ensemble. And Dareian does the no-shirt thing and delivers strong contemporary stuff, though I of course can't not stare at his problem feet.

After an Alvin Ailey group performance, Nigel is back with his verdict (and yet another round of "We don't hate you, you're just the least-best of who's left" stuff). We get it! Of the girls, Nigel decides to save Lindsay (BOO!) and Eliana. God DAMN it. Amber was really coming together at the right time, I though. Also, I'm not sure Nigel's certainty that America would have kept her safe based on this week is any comfort at all.

Of the guys, the judges save George and Dareian, eliminating Brandon. And while I do often think the judges try not to break up couples too much, and thus were more likely to drop Amber and Brandon as a unit, Brandon is in much higher spirits than Amber. And why not? He's already in Step Up 4.

So we'll see the results of tonight's dances after TWO weeks off. That's a long time to fret, especially for the pairs that got their first bad reviews tonight.

RUNDOWN! (as always, in order of my preference)
Cyrus and Eliana's hip-hop
Chehon and Witney's contemporary
Amber and Brandon's jazz (out of competition)
Amelia and Will's Jazz
Cole and Lindsay's contemporary
George and Tiffany's hip-hop
Janelle and Dareian's cha-cha
Audrey and Matthew's salsa

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