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The Finale

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The Finale

Wade, in an interview, talks about what a great season it's been. He talks about how great it was to see Hok do well. But the routine he wants to see again is Lacey and Danny doing Dmitry Chaplin's samba. It's just as good as before. After they're done, Cat gets all serious, and says she's been handed a card that's going to eliminate one of them. Because producers think we're idiots, Cat has to explicitly say that just because one of them is eliminated, that doesn't mean the other has won (it's also worth noting that Cat never says the dancers are being eliminated in order). Anyway, the person eliminated is Lacey. She and Danny hug, and I guess one of the bonuses of being eliminated from the final four is you get a giant-ass bouquet of flowers. In the audience, Benji applauds ("You know I won, right, sis?"). Lacey said she was "kind of expecting" it, but is, not surprisingly, very upbeat about it. Winner or not, the pressure that seemed to weigh more heavily on Lacey than the other contestants is gone. That's not to say she's not clearly disappointed. Those are genuine tears in her eyes.

Back from commercials, a "special guest" is Nicole Scherzinger, who has left the rest of the Pussycat Dolls litter behind and is here to hammer a few nails into the coffin of pop music. Even for this kind of shit, this is some bad shit. She doesn't even dance that much; that's mostly left for some black-clad dudes in ninja suits. I don't even have words for how horrible this is. Booo! Aren't your fifteen minutes up yet?

Shane's highlights? Phillip Shebib's popping and locking. He's the guy with the noodle arms. But the routine Shane wants to see is Pasha and Sara's West Coast swing, which shoots down my theory that all the top twenty were going to get to dance again. I'm happy to be wrong if it means I get to see Sara dance again. Plus I'm a fan of Pasha's, and they did this routine the week I was off so I missed it. Also, the music is Fatboy Slim, so this is good for several reasons. Benji Schwimmer choreographed the piece, and Cat asks what it was like to work with last year's champion. Was he tough? Pasha and Sara look like they're trying to come up with something funny to say, or perhaps they're pretending to be frightened to answer. Finally, Sara says he was indeed tough, and also dangerous, and there is some Benji mugging.

Next up: Tyce Diorio's interview, in which he says Danny and Anya's jive was a highlight. But for the routine he wants to see again, he picks Danny and Anya doing Jean-Marc Genereux's foxtrot. It's so nice to see Anya again. She makes the other women on the show look they're about eight years old. Cat asks Danny if he's nervous, and he fesses up to being apprehensive.

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