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The Finale

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The Finale

Sabra and Danny are onstage. "Good luck to both of you," says Cat, and asks if there's anything they want to say to each other. Sabra says she thinks Danny's amazing and feels so privileged to be on the stage with him. Danny tells a story about sitting next to this beautiful lady during the auditions, and he had no idea who she was, but everybody did, and she's really inspirational (psst: he's talking about Sabra). They hug, and he kisses her on the forehead. Cat reminds Danny that the judges weren't sure about his attitude, and he had to dance for his life three times in a row. As for Sabra, she's only been dancing for four years, and going up against dancers who have been training their whole lives. So neither dancer was perceived as a potential champ from the beginning. "You exemplified everything that this show is about. So congratulations," says Cat. Like she wouldn't say the same thing about any two dancers standing there right now.

Time to reveal the winner: "I can tell you after a record-breaking 16 million votes, America's favourite dancer is Sabra." Sabra covers her face with her hands, while the confetti rains down on the stage. The credits start rolling immediately as the other dancers rush the stage and Cat desperately tries to shoehorn in a couple last lines about the quarter million dollars and whatnot. Maybe tomorrow, or next season, or whenever the producers look back on what they did right and what they did wrong during Season 3, they'll realize that a few minutes at the end to spend with the winner -- you know, "America's favourite dancer" -- would be nice. Not to mention a better sendoff for Danny, who didn't get an "I Will Remember You" montage. If you need more time, try cutting bullshit practical-joke valuable-air-time-sucking dances between judges and hosts. Or try cutting the commercials for upcoming Fox shows that are presented to us as part of the actual broadcast, as well as inane chatter between judges and hosts about said shows.

Also, Brian Gaynor? Call me. Teach me. I want to learn.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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