So You Think You Can Dance
The Shane Sparks Interview

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"They brought me in for one episode, and I stole the show"
Daniel: Do you have any ideas for next year's routines yet? Sparks: Uh, no, but I know the fact that they let me get really creative with everything, I know I'm going to be more, like, movie-oriented and TV-oriented with some of my choreography. Daniel: I got one for you. Sparks: What? Daniel: A routine based on the movie The Warriors. Sparks: The LawyersDaniel: The Warriors. Sparks: Ohhhhhh! Okay…. Daniel: See, you're going to be thinking about it now. The Baseball Furies are going to be in there…I'm telling you… Sparks: I just gotta find the song, and I gotta get the bottles to make the cling-cling-cling, you know what I mean? Only thing I have to worry about is I have to worry about copywritten stuff, but I could -- instead of saying "Warriors," I could say something else, you know what I mean? I gotta do things that won't get us in trouble, but that's a dope thought.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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