So You Think You Can Dance
The Shane Sparks Interview

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"They brought me in for one episode, and I stole the show"
Daniel: He did the robot. Sparks: Yeah. He just blew my mind, I loved everything that he did. Hopefully, everyone else will see that and I can take him and do millions of things with him, 'cause America loved him. And I'm doing everything I can to take him to another level with the project that I'm doing. Daniel: This is Backdown, the sequel to… Sparks: You Got Serrrrrved. Daniel: Is he in that yet? Is that confirmed, or no? Sparks: Everything is confirmed, um, how would you say it, verbally? But we haven't signed a contract, 'cause this is the first time I've seen him since the show, but we've talked to his parents, we've talked to him, and everything is set up, but right now we're just trying to get dates for the movie. So until we get those dates, you know, things are probably going to be at a halt. But as soon as we know that, we're going to call him up and get some dates for him to come out here, and come out and do his thing. Daniel: Were there any dancers that you were hoping to work with but didn't get the chance to? Sparks: I will put it like this, because I did get to work with most of 'em, but there was a couple of people who auditioned for the show that I was hoping would have made the show, and I couldn't wait to work with -- a guy by the name of Twitch. He made it all the way to Vegas, you know what I mean? And Jessi [Peralta] got cut off the show really early too, and that was another one I wanted to work with and didn't get to work with her either. Daniel: Because she got sick. Sparks: Yeah, yeah. I got to work with her in a group number but I didn't get work with her in the couples. Daniel: She wasn't voted off, but she couldn't compete, so she had to be eliminated. Were there any dancers who you thought were voted off too soon? Sparks: Besides, Jessi, hmm… You know what, I could have saw Dominic staying there a little bit longer. I could see him staying there just a little bit longer. I could see Sara going, but Dominic, I think Dominic did real good the whole season. He stood his ground every number that he did, so I could have saw him in the top four, honestly. Daniel: From week to week, when the dancers select their routines, and they see what dance style they're going to be doing that week, are you already working on the hip-hop routine, or are you waiting to see who gets assigned to you and then you tailor the routine to them?

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