So You Think You Can Dance
The Shane Sparks Interview

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"They brought me in for one episode, and I stole the show"
Sparks: I know. I know. I didn't even really think about that, because when we're there, you see everybody coming up to Danny, like, "Congratulations, blah blah blah blah blah," you see everybody coming up to Sabra, so to us that didn't happen. But I guess from TV, it looked like -- you know, because they gave Danny roses, they gave her roses, they did a lot of stuff, you know, after the fact. Daniel: Do you go out on tour now with the dancers? Sparks: No, I don't. I don't go. The numbers that they're doing of mine, I just have to go clean them up, and once I clean 'em up, they're on their own after that. Daniel: So what are you working on now, Backdown? Sparks: Okay, crazy thing. Of course, Backdown, but, um, I'm leaving on the twenty-ninth to go out to Dallas, to do the Secret deodorant campaign for Jennifer Lopez's new video. And she's looking for a new dancer to dance in her new video that she's gonna be doing. So I'm going to be doing five different cities, and it's going to be really, really, really big, and they're doing a big announcement on the radio, and in the news, on everything [August 23]. So everybody be knowing about it, or will be hearing about it. Daniel: Wait, so it's a video, or it's a Secret deodorant -- Sparks: Yeah, Secret deodorant is promoting it. Daniel: Oh, okay. Sparks: Basically, they're promoting her new video that she's going to shoot, and they're looking for a dancer to dance along with her in her new video, so they're going all over to seek this girl out. Daniel: Years from now, when you've got permanent hearing damage, are you going to sue Mary Murphy for screaming too much? Sparks: [laughs] That's funny. No, no, no. Fortunately, I've only been around her one time when she did that, so I haven't had to deal with that. Daniel: Let's say you're the producer of the show, instead of Nigel. How would the show be different? What would you do differently? Sparks: I would try my best to work tap into the show. I wouldn't always have two people dancing. I want it to be more, uh, like, remember the first season how it was two and they lasted the whole season? Like the first two -- oh, actually, they would switch every time. I want it to be two from the beginning, and to the end. So you could work on them, you could get to know them, because it seems like it makes it better when there are two people [who] start off together and end together. And I think they have a better vibe together… And I would like to pick a girl and a guy, instead of it just being just one winner; I think if we're going to have ten girls and ten guys, I think we should have a girl winner and a guy winner every year. You know what I mean?

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So You Think You Can Dance




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