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Cat breaks the news that Twitchington has been broken up, and she's now paired with Mark, and they're going to do the two-step with Ronnie DeBenedetta and a very pregnant Brandi Tobias. Mark and Kherington are ridiculously excited to do this, even though Kherington admits to not knowing what a two-step is. So stereotypical banjo music starts playing while Mark jokes around with corny hoedown dancing. Brandi and Ronnie try to tell us that two-step isn't what most people think it is. I contend that it is what most people think it is, and it's nice that these choreographers are going to make it more technically demanding and twirly, but you can put your own special spices on Kraft Dinner and put it in a nice bowl, but it's still Kraft Dinner, right?

"Kick Back" by Ty England is the song, and ... Matchington? I guess? ... dance a very twirly two-step. Like, it's almost all spins, with a lift or two. Rather boring, actually. Mark actually loses Kherington's hand on one of the spins. Lil' C calls it a fun routine. He seems rather underwhelmed. He says they hit a lot of the stunts and were great in character, but overall they didn't nail it. "This was one tough number," says Mary, comparing the quick leg movement of quick-step to the arm movement in two-step. Nigel talks about the dancers having to trust each other, which is hard to do since they're new to each other, but he praises them for not giving up on it.

Gev dancing a hip-hop to Lupe Fiasco. Very somersaulty and handstandy and splitsy, grabbing his ankle and jumping over his other leg. Fun to watch.

Comfort and Twitch are dancing a smooth waltz by Hunter Johnson. They're husband and wife. "Gotta be loving with Twitch?" says Comfort, who then either pretends to fall asleep or have an orgasm.

AND THEY'RE DANCING TO JOURNEY. FUCKING AWESOME. The cheese drips down from the walls as Steve Perry wails. They put the "smooth" in "smooth waltz," climaxing with a overhead one-armed lift with Comfort fully extended. Lil' C seems decidedly underwhelmed, but calls it "respectable." Mary, however, is unimpressed. "It's just lacking so much power at this point." She says the quality of movement was just not there. Nigel says it wasn't strong enough for top ten dancers. He criticizes the plies, but sends them out on a high note by lauding the lift, comparing it (since the lift was foreshadowed in the rehearsal footage) to watching Dirty Dancing and wondering if they're going to do the... something. The movies that are safe to reference with me are Slap Shot, Scarface, Hoosiers, The Big Lebowski, and Goodfellas. And that's it. You may look at that list and think you know everything about me. You won't be far off. But know this: thanks to my two-year-old daughter, my top five are slowly being replaced with Toy Story, The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, The Fox and the Hound, and Eight Below. Nigel calls this dance a hurdle that the two of them had to get over, and now they've done it. "Nobody puts Comfort in a corner," says Cat. Okay, that I get.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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