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Next up with a solo: Twitch, dancing to a Wade Robson joint. Dull at first, and then he cartwheels and moves into some popping and locking that I could watch all night.

Courtney and Joshua are back, this time with a Jean-Marc and France rumba. "This piece is like, I'm her hero," says Joshua, who talks about their need for a connection. "If we pull this off, it's going to be ridiculous," says Courtney.

Speaking of ridiculous, Enrique warbles "Hero" while they dance. But they look good to me, Courtney in a blue barely-there dress, Joshua in a simple white shirt and black pants. Simple and elegant. I'm reasonably certain that if I'd seen this one first, I would have realized why Comfort and Twitch's waltz wasn't so great. These two are so strong.

Lil' C says they took his breath away, and praises the extensions.. Mary loved it as well, mentions "subtle sexiness" and talks about little nuances that they threw in like hip rolls. Nigel says Jean-Marc and France created a routine that fit their bodies perfectly. In the audience, Jean-Marc is all, "Yes! He gets it!" Nigel praises the pressage, a term that I will file away and hope to remember but will probably forget.

Katee's solo is to a Maxwell cover of "This Woman's Work." She leaps around, and, since this is such a melancholy song, grins the whole time. She's such a good dancer, though.

Kherington and Mark hooked up with Tasty Oreo for a jazz routine. He wants to "showcase the style," rather than focus on some kind of story. Thank god. It will involve sliding and kicks. That also sounds promising.

"Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai. Sweeet. Man, how much is my appreciation of the routines affected by whether I like the song? This routine starts off strong but for me seems to lose steam despite all the running around on stage. I can't say it did a whole lot for me. There are the promised kicks and slides, and also twirls, but it just seemed to sit there on stage.

Lil' C calls it a good routine, but says the lifts shouldn't look so choreographed. Mary says she's not really "coming out of her seat." There was nothing particularly wrong with it, she says, but "at this point in the game, I wanna be fired up!" Hey, if a lackluster routine keeps her sedated, no problem. Nigel uses a driving test metaphor in which someone just checks off all the things they need to do, like pirouettes. "No heart, no passion," he says. Way to go, Jamiroquai.

Will's up for a solo routine to Luther Vandross's "Dance With my Father". Man, he can leap. Man, he's good.

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