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Cold Comfort

Joshua's dancing the final solo, a hip-hop routine to Michael Jackson's Jam. It's OK. I enjoyed the handstand with the leg-cross, but the rest of it seemed kind of average, especially for Joshua.

Chelsie and Gev work on the jive with Jean-Marc Genereux and France. Gev says the speed of the dance is like Formula One. Jean-Marc tries to teach the leg-shaking bit to Gev by comparing it to shaking dog crap off your foot. Hey, whatever works!

"The House is Rockin'" by Brian Setzer. Black suit for Gev, Chelsie's in a gold dress. There's some neat stuff with Gev stepping over top of Chelsea, but a lot of the dance seems unsynchronized. At the end, Chelsie flips upside down and Matt holds her, with her legs spread, and they twirl around. Lil' C says Chelsie outstepped Gev, and says she could make a mannequin look good. Bring Chris back, then! Mary thought they were terrific, but Chelsie stole the show. "This is more like Dancing with the Stars right now," in the sense that it's like a professional dancing with an amateur. But it was "terrific," you said? Nigel takes the choreography-praise baton this time, and then agrees with Mary and Lil' C about Chelsie outshining Gev, although he says they were both great.

Elimination prediction: Kherington. And Mark. Unless Comfort's awesome hip-hop routine isn't enough to keep her from elimination again.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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