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Cat's back to the long hair this week, which looks good. Last week looked good, too, though. Oh, who'm I kidding. Find me a hairstyle that Cat can't rock. Give her a buzzcut, and she'd be all sexy Susan Powter telling us that the top whatever couples are aiming to be the top whatever-minus-one couples.

Mia Michaels is on the panel tonight. Wonderful. Mary's dressed like she's going to her prom later on. Mia's dressed like a card shark in a black blouse. Nigel is dressed like a leering reality show producer.

Let's get to it: Chelsie and Mark are doing an Alex Da Silva salsa. Rehearsal reveals a lot of lifts and tricks, as well as casual-sitting-on-backwards-chairs interview style.

"Fuego" by Joe Bataan, Mark in a black sleeveless pantsuit kind of thing, with Chelsie wearing a feathery black and teal glittery thing, in a world where black and teal glittery fabric is very scarce and dancers aren't allowed full dresses of it. I like these two as a couple, and the dance is quite sexy, with dips! Nigel says the footwork was terrific, and while Mark could have relaxed a little more, he always gets into character. As for Chelsie, she was tremendous. Nigel doesn't say anything about her dancing, just how sexy she is. Mary agrees that Mark could have been looser, but praises his underarm twists. She says Chelsie, being a Latin dancer, is expected to nail it, and she did. She calls her dynamite. Mia: "She is so friggin' gorgeous, I can't take it... I want to stab you, you're so gorgeous." She felt Mark was a little insecure in his dancing; on the bright side, she doesn't want to murder him.

Comfort and Thayne are dancing together after losing their partners last week, and they're doing hip-hop with Taboleon. Thayne's nervous; Comfort's excited. Thayne's worried about looking like a big white boy out there, but after watching Chris do hip-hop, even I would look like Shane Sparks.

"Can We Chill" by Ne-Yo. Comfort has on a vest that appears to be made from giant cotton balls over a boob-popping top, while Thayne has a vest and a tiger shirt and a sideways baseball hat. Again: less white than Chris. They grind and groove, and it's surprisingly sexual (for Taboleon) in an asexual way, if that makes any sense. Nigel praises Tabitha and Napoleon's choreography again, and brings up the workaholic routine from a couple of weeks ago, and says Thayne and Comfort didn't really rise to that level. Given that there are clips of that performance at the ready to illustrate his comments on a live show, it's hard not to think that Nigel was planning to talk about this all along. Nigel says he doesn't feel the dancers brought anything to the routine other than what the choreographers gave them. Cat points out they're a new couple, and Nigel's all, basically, "tough." Mary brings up the chemistry issue, and criticizes two fledgling dancers for not having the same connection that married couple Tabitha and Napoleon do. Good god. Mia calls it "a little bit more than good," which earns raucous cheers from the audience, because, relatively speaking, that's high praise.

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