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Kherington and Twitch are going to be krumping with Lil' C (and I thought at first they said "Lacey" was choreographing it). Twitch hypothesizes that Kherington has never krumped before, but Kherington assures us that she's a little "gangsta." Tha J-Squad are apparently "2 Buck 4 TV" but I'm just going to have to take their word on that. So they krump it up, and it seems adequately bouncy and aggressive, with Kherington glaring at everyone with her bottom lip sticking out. They finish by jumping out into the audience? I guess? The camera stays focused on the lights. Krump is about as boring as contemporary for me at this point. Nigel says on paper this could have been like Busta Rhymes or Fiddy Cent dueting with Miley Cyrus. So down with contemporary references, is Nigel. But Kherington did a "damn good job." Having said that, they lost energy during the last sixteen bars. Mary says this is the first time she's believed "in this krump number." She says Twitch made her sit back and say "whoa," while Kherington was gangsta. Because if anyone knows from "gangsta," it's Mary. Mia calls it "dirty and disgusting and ugly and nasty and skanky and buck" and that is of course all meant in a good way, and now I need to take a break from listening to Mia.

Katee and Joshua are doing a Viennese waltz by Jean-Marc Genereux. Joshua is supposed to be a ghost, and Katee says she's supposed to be able to feel him but she can't see him. Isn't a ghost the opposite of that? Anyway, as usual, rehearsal is a disaster, and apparently the routine's not going to be ready in time. They dance to "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Really? I never thought I'd have to hear that song again until such time as I go to hell. They're really good, however. Effortless lifts by Joshua, and they prance and twirl across the stage and do a snake. My interpretation of someone being danced around by something they can feel but not see is different. But I admit that Katee screaming and running away in terror would not be a very interesting routine, so that's why I'm not a choreographer. My daughter liked it very much. She clapped her hands and said "yay!" when it was over, which I daresay is as insightful as ninety percent of Mary's comments. Nigel calls it too bouncy, especially Joshua, but praises Katee's movement and says she got the lifts right this time. Mary also praises the lifts, but says the execution of the waltz itself just wasn't there. Mia likewise felt Joshua was likewise clumsy, like a football player. Katee, however, is a "gift to dance."

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