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Hooray for Bollywood

Katee and Joshua apparently have no idea what Bollywood is. "Something called 'Bollywood,'" said Katee when she drew it from the hat. The choreographer is Nakul Dev Mahajan. I'd recognize his work anywhere! They dance to a routine from Om Shanti Om, which I can safely say is my favorite Bollywood movie of all time. It involves scarves. It is the most Bollywood dancing I've seen outside of particularly Apu-centric episodes of The Simpsons, which is probably some unfortunate cultural ignorance on my part, but basketball takes up so much of my brain. The routine seems pretty good, and the audience cheers, but I'm sure they have about as much experience as I do on the subject. Nigel loved it, and says he's been trying to get Bollywood on the show for three years. Maybe he should have a chat with the executive producer! He talks a lot about how awesome the show is for acknowledging Indian culture. Mary: "On this stage we have one rule. Heart. Soul. Equals stardom." Okay, she makes no fucking sense ever. She loved it, though. Hot tamale train, she screeches. Vindaloo Express, says Nigel. Heh! Mia is also full of praise for the show for putting on Bollywood, and talks about how mind-boggling awesome the show is for having Indian dancing on. Oh, and she liked it. They're almost as awesome as the show is for acknowledge a dance style beloved by millions.

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