So You Think You Can Dance

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Double The Dancing, Double the Trouble

Tabitha believed it, though she didn't know what they were pointing at. She wanted them to tone it down a bit during the "flute section" and then build, but otherwise she liked it. Napoleon says it's from On the Town and it's about Navy guys who get to New York and can't believe what they see. At this point any good will I feel towards Courtney is gone because she opens her mouth and is like, "I'm usually the one that's like, 'Can you put the map down and walk, please?'" She says this in the thick accent that gives New Yorkers a bad name. Napoleon ignores her and says that Gev found his niche as a "B-boy on Broadway." Mary thought it was great. She loves the two of them together. She thinks they could be headed for the finals. I always forget about the two of them. Weird. Nigel thinks they are the underdogs and since they're short they slip under the radar. Cat tries to make herself look shorter, but it doesn't work. Nigel talks about the On the Town movie and talks about Gev's carriage and then his thighs and there is weird laughing. Courtney needs to work on her round kicks, but it was terrific and they moved around really fast, so that was good. But it wasn't brilliant.

Cat Deeley wishes everyone luck. Says she hates Thursdays and doesn't want to have them anymore. Reminds us to vote and tells us the audience is on their feet and then says goodbye.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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