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Double The Dancing, Double the Trouble

Tabitha loves this new pairing and gives credit for the part of the dance where I thought Thayne was going to gnaw off Comfort's ear, but Tabby thought it was sexy. Napoleon, dug it too. Naturally. I don't think he's allowed to disagree with his wife's opinion on national TV. He liked the flirtyness from Comfort. Cat adorably tries to stir up some gossip by asking if there was flirtyness between the duo. Thayne jokes that there was flirting backstage and on the floor. Um, yeah. I'm not buying that one. Mary smiles and says that she's proud of Comfort. She likes this partnership. Personally, I don't know if Thayne is much of a step up from "I am not a tree" Chris. They're pressed from the same mold. Mary admits that the performance could have been bigger. Cat, trying to keep things light, says that Thayne's badge says "Certified Operator" and she wants to know if that's true. Nigel doesn't want to go into that. Instead he goes into the history of West Side Story and how it was the greatest movie musical of all time or something. Nigel said the song had passion and aggression but it wasn't there. He's harsh, but right, when he tells Comfort that they can't go easy on her anymore because she's a hip hop dancer. Everyone at this point should just be a dancer. Nigel, he may be mean, but he's constructive with his criticism. Well... until he tells them that they would have gotten booed if they were on Broadway. Comfort looks sad.

Cecily and Alisa have created a hip hop routine for Matt and Kourtni with a K. In rehearsals, Matt seems to be struggling -- perhaps it's due to his giant, long legs. He jokes that he's going to go work on his solo. This does not bode well.

To "How do I Breathe" by Mario, they do a "smooth" performance that doesn't really seem to snap. I'm far from a hip hop judge, but they just look like they're hopping and not really hip. Honestly though, I'm so distracted by the fact that Matt is wearing a bandanna under his hat that I can't really even critique this, aside from saying that I doubt I'll remember this routine by the time the night is over.

Tabitha says this is a hard style of hip hop to do, and that they're in the pocket. She says there's a "but" and then hands it off to Napoleon to let him do the dirty work. He takes a page out of Nigel's book and says if they were at a hip hop competition... "no." It just wasn't hard-hitting enough. No bang for his buck. Mary babbles that "we've seen it slow, we've seen it fast, but at the end of the day it has to be entertaining." She didn't feel anything. She liked it, but she hates being in the middle of the road and wants to scream for them, but she can't. T&N for their part seem glad she's not screaming. Then Mary pouts because the audience booed her. Nigel encourages the fans to get their booing out of the way so he can really attack them. He doesn't know if it was the choreography or them -- I notice the camera doesn't flash to Cecily and Alisa for a reaction shot -- but says that Matt and Kourtni were out of sync. Then we get a shot of Cecily and Alisa with pissed-off looks on their faces, but politely clapping. Yowza. This night is not off to a good start.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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