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Double The Dancing, Double the Trouble

Katee, smart girl that she is, says she's been waiting this whole time to do a Mia Michaels routine. Now she's worried she'll disappoint her. Mia says that Katee and Josh's routine is about two people on their own paths focused selfishly on themselves. That sounds a little like the theme of Mark and Chelsie's routine last week...

Katee and Josh start taking slow steps forward and backwards to a song called "Hometown Glory." I've never been so interested in people walking before. There is a lot of leaping and crazy angles and very high intensity. There is this insane move where Joshua is supporting Katee and she looks like she's running on her toes across the ground. Which I thought was going to be my favorite move of the number and then she turns around and leaps straight into his arms and then it is a full stop. I'm sure there's a technical term for it, but I'm just going to call it "wow."

Sweet Joshua is pretty much crying before the judges even say a word. Cat wants to know the deal. Josh says that with Mia's choreography it is so much more than dancing. Mia looks like she's going to cry. Tabitha loved the "wow" dive move. She also credits the presence that it took for them to do the walking at the beginning. Napoleon agrees. He loved the "assisted run." Me too. Napoleon says that Joshua hit the nail on the head with the "it's so much more than dancing" comment. Mary loved it. She calls the intro "monumental stillness." Cat asks since there were no fancy costumes, no fancy props, did it work for Nigel? "Very fancy choreography, though. Very fancy dancing." Mia's beaming. Nigel says these are one of the three or four couples who make this season outstanding.

That's a tough act to follow. And Gev and Courtney are doing a Cecily and Alisa hip hop routine. Gev, who I think is a hip hop dancer, says that this is hard because it's an East Coast style that he's not used to. I'm getting nervous for Gev, who says they need to practice a lot.

They are wearing football jerseys and hopping and wiggling around to "Lights, Camera, Action!" Maybe I don't like Cecily and Alisa, but upon second glance it seems like Courtney is actually hitting it harder than Gev. Her angles are at least nice and sharp.

For once I'd like to hear what hip hop choreographers T&N have to say. Napoleon says that Courtney was "pretty ghetto in her little Eli Manning jersey." I hate when they comment more on the costumes than the dancing. He then says that maybe Gev wasn't keeping up with Courtney. Courtney doesn't know whether to be excited or sad for her partner. She comforts him. Tabitha is also "feeling" Courtney. Mary is feeling it 50/50. Mary doesn't think that Gev hit it, but Courtney was killing it. Nigel was looking at Courtney too, "but only because she's prettier than Gev." He says it was fun, but it was too funky or disco to be hip hop. I'm guessing Cecily and Alisa won't be getting a return invite to do this show. He says Courtney wasn't ghetto, it was more "Santa Claus' grotto." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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