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Double The Dancing, Double the Trouble

This time around Jessica and Will are tasked with learning a lyrical jazz number by Mandy Moore who has some twisted things planned to do with a men's shirt.

Heart's "Alone" starts and Will is wearing pants and no shirt and has like a 16 pack. Amazing. Jessica is in a nighty and draped in the oversized shirt. I can't even look at her when they are apart, but when they actually get together, I have to admit, it is a little hot. They do this one thing where he takes the shirt, puts it around her knee flips her over on her head and then spins her around. I'm going to call that move "awesome." Then he pulls her to him and looks like he wants to make out with her. She's weirdly smiling and then at the end kind of looks like she's laughing and I'm not sure if that is on purpose or she's just so relieved that she didn't die getting tossed around by the knee that she can't help but be happy.

Cat picks up their prop and then wants to know why boys shirts smell so good. I'm guessing because Will was wearing it, if you really must know, Cat. Tabitha tells Will that he can take his shirt back off. Mary Murphy squealingly agrees and the girl judges share a high-five while Napoleon looks uncomfortable in-between them. Tabitha tells Mandy that the shirt was a good call. Tabitha says they like to see him dancing without a shirt because of his nice classically trained lines. Uh huh. That's the reason. Napoleon tries to grab control of the situation and get his wife to remember that he's there too, and says that Will's beautiful leap that went over Jessica's head was amazing. Will's got it in him to go all the way. Agreed. Napoleon gets out his pointer finger and says that Jessica is holding Will back. Yikes. I actually thought -- aside from the odd Joker grin -- that she was passable in this number. Jessica did the moves, but she's not emotionally connecting and has "dead moments." Mary says, "Talent is flame, and genius is fire, and that was fire." Where does she come up with this crap? Then she starts screaming. She thought they were both very passionate. She gives them tickets for the hot tamale train. She says she didn't know that Jessica had it in her. Neither did I. Cat cutely inserts that there is a dress code of no shirts on that train and winks at Will. I love Cat. Nigel asks the crowd who wants to dance with Will. They go wild. "Will, I can tell you that there were almost more girls than guys with their hands up." Will is of course fabulous, but it was a duet and Jessica handled herself well. Apparently, according to Nigel, Jessica and Will had some meltdowns during rehearsal this week (ooh, scandal) but they didn't let it show on stage and that's what matters.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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