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Double The Dancing, Double the Trouble

Thayne and Comfort land the smooth waltz by newbie choreographers (again for them, couldn't they have landed Mia?) Edward Simons. They dance to "Hov Arek Sarer Jan," I don't know all that much about waltzing, but Comfort looks amazing and is spinning around in this beautiful light and airy dress and Thayne doesn't drop her, so that's good for me. He, though, has adopted Jessica's Joker grin, which is unsettling.

Napoleon admits that he's not a waltz expert but he enjoyed it. Tabitha says Comfort looks like an angel up there. Tabitha says that Thayne's last moment looked phony. Because of the weird Joker grin. Mary is a "waltz expert" but she loved it. It could have had more power, and uses the caterpillar/butterfly metaphor for Comfort. Thayne is apparently "hangin' tough" for Mary. Guess I know who bought her tickets to the New Kids reunion concert. Nigel thought the choreography was beautiful, and he liked the turns and thought Thayne did a nice job. Then he tells Comfort how glad he is that she's removed her eyebrow piercing out and that now she looks beautiful and like a ballroom queen. What does that have to do with anything?

Alex Da Silva choreographs a mambo for Kourtni-with-a-K and Matt. Matt says that he doesn't hate the mambo, but the mambo hates him. Uh oh. I know he was joking before about practicing his solo, but maybe there was a morsel of truth there. They dance to "Ban-Con-Tim" and it's flirty, and then they do a spin where I think Kourtni's legs are supposed to be in a split, but they are at an angle. They sure are bouncing around a lot, but there's not a lot of hip action. Matt's making goofy faces. Like cruise ship smiles. But to his credit he spins Kourtni around quite well and it looks kind of fun.

Tabitha is hot and cold on it. She didn't like the lift (I knew it was cock-eyed). She then growls and says she wants more from Matt. Napoleon says that Matt needed to be more grimy. Mary says that Kourtni was hot, but they weren't hot together. She didn't believe the chemistry. Mary says that Alex gave them a really tough routine that she was exhausted by the end of. She wanted them to get more down there (she uses her "dirty voice" which I don't think I want to hear again... creepy). Nigel says it was a tough routine, goes back to talking about West Side Story, says that even though they are tall they have to still work it. He makes a joke about how Kourtni's heels are taller than Alex. He's a good sport and laughs. Then Nigel gives them a lot of technical advice. Basically he wants Matt to be butcher. Nigel yells at the crowd to stop booing because he's giving constructive criticism to make people better. Overall it was a good routine.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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