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After we watch the top eight strut their stuff, Cat comes out to talk some stuff about how it gets harder and harder each week to pick favorites. Not for me! Week in, week out, it's Cat! Joining Mary and Nigel today at the judging table is Toni "Oh Mickey You're So Fine You're So Fine You Blow My Mind Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!" Basil. Cat awesomely asks, "Yeah, we all know you did 'Mickey,' what have you been up to lately?" With "lately" encompassing twenty-six years. But don't you worry about Toni Basil: she's working with Bette Midler and Tina Turner. Toni Basil be doing just fine.

Will and Courtney are doing hip-hop and samba this week. Jean-Marc Genereux and France are teaching them the samba, which is a "feast for the hips," Jean-Marc tells us, and he busts out some pro wrestling moves to help Will loosen up his hips.

They dance to Che' Nelle's "I Fell In Love With The DJ," Courtney in a by-now-trademarked partial dress, this one yellowy and fringey, Will in black, a sleeveless sheer shirt, which is the missing link between "shirtless" and "shirt." It looks good to me -- synced footwork, good energy, good chemistry. Courtney stretches out on Will's shoulder and he spins around, hands-free.

Nigel feels tonight is going to be a great night. He says when they weren't thinking about technique too much, which was most of the time, they were fantastic. He says all the guys on this show look like they're from the movie 300, and suggests that that could be the sequel: 300: The Dance-off. Oddly, that idea could actually be less gay than the original. Mary screams at them, and I hear the word "chemistry." Everyone's clapping so it must be her happy screaming. Toni Basil talks about how it takes a lifetime to be a good dancer, but she enjoyed them so much that she forgot she was judging. So all she can really say is she enjoyed it. Here's hoping for some more cohesive comments from Toni as the show goes on.

Comfort's going to dance a solo, but not before we fill time by asking pointless questions. Did you know that Comfort wanted to dance when she was a kid? I know, I know. It's true! Her dad tricked her into going to a performing-arts school that had no hip-hop class. See, the impression I get from dance movies is that kids who want to dance are usually beaten and then thrown out of the house.

She's dancing to Simian Mobile Disco's "I Got This Down," and does some high-energy popping and breaking. Here's a thought: skip the questions, and give the dancers more time for their solos! I don't think Nigel's going to like her solo (not that the judges comment on them) because she left in her eyebrow piercing, which makes her ugly and not a lady, as I understand it.

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