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Dancing in the Street

Twitch is paired with Katee, to do contemporary and Broadway. The contemporary routine is done by Mia Michaels, and it's supposedly an argument between a boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend. She's psycho, he's indifferent. Which makes her more psycho, apparently. Can't wait!

"Mercy" by Duffy (sounds just like Amy Winehouse, but without all the heroin). There's a door on the stage that Katee kicks open to confront Twitch. He responds by kissing her and then kicking her out the door. She comes back, he kicks her out again. They writhe against the doorframe for a while, until Twitch thinks she's stopped, and then he opens the door to find her hanging on. And then they dance around in his apartment, and then fight or maybe fuck in the doorway, and then he finally kicks her out. I'm with Duffy: they got me begging for mercy.

Let's find out what the judges think. Since it's a Mia Michaels piece, let's just ask: "Judges: Really, really awesome or just really awesome?"

Nigel says it's hard to critique the dancing in that (because there wasn't much of it?) but because the performance was so awesome. But they also danced it brilliantly, he says. He jokes that he's been in the same situation as Twitch, except he was trying to keep women in his apartment. Including Mary, apparently, who screeches at him. He calls it one of the most entertaining routines they've ever had on this show. Mary wants him to play along, like she did with him. (Which means, I suppose, she wants him to screech at her?) She tells him a knock-knock joke, the "punchline" of which is "TWO OF THE MOST AMAZING DANCERS WE HAVE EVER [continued shrieking]." Toni Basil calls Mia Michaels "the reigning queen of contemporary dance," and adds, "I didn't take any notes on this one either. I loved it." God, Toni, you have one job.

Will says he started dancing because he watched Dirty Dancing and thought when Patrick Swayze did that jump whatever at the end that it was the coolest thing he's ever seen. For me, it's really hard to pick just one Patrick Swayze moment. "She's Like The Wind" might just be it, though.

For his solo, he comes out dancing to James Brown, dressed like James Brown (albeit looking like Morris Day), dancing his ass off. It's awesome, and I wish we could have seen more of it. On the other hand, then we might not have found out that he got into dancing when he was a little kid because when he was a little kid he saw someone dance, so it's six of one, half a dozen of the other, I guess.

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