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Dancing in the Street

Mark's dancing with Comfort, and they're doing foxtrot and hip-hop. The hip-hop is with Tabatha and Napoleon. Comfort's excited, what with her being awesome at hip-hop, and Mark's excited, what with Comfort being awesome at hip-hop.

"Party People" by Fergie. School desks on stage. I think Mark is the good student, while Comfort is the bad-ass. And then the real dancing begins, and they're both bad-asses! Theoretically, anyway; Mark seems to equate "stick out my lower lip" with "tough." It's not bad, though. Mark is surprisingly good, and Comfort's really good. It's easily my favorite Taboleon routine, featuring a cool -- I don't even know what to call it. Comfort flips up and over Mark's head and down his back.

When they're done, Mark reveals what they were writing in detention: "I will not be in the bottom..." over and over again. Cough. Cough, cough.

Nigel seems oddly put out by Mark's joke, like it's insulting to America or something, and goes on to say that Comfort dances much better when she's choreographed than when she dances solo. "There were no steps in your solo," he says. Not fair! He's not supposed to comment on the solos! Mary says they did a great job. "I loved the use of the desks, all the synchronization up there was really terrific," she says, singling out Comfort for special praise, while also saying she thought Mark nailed it. Toni says she knows how hard Taboleon's stuff can be, because she takes a class from them every so often. Then she talks about the street and how there's a squareness to hip-hop (well, you take a class from Tabitha and Napoleon, so you would know), but you have to find the groove. Congratulations, Mia Michaels: you are no longer the judge who makes the least sense.

Katee's parents put her into dance class because she used to walk around the house on her tip-toes. Awww! I'm a sucker for cute kid pictures. My daughter can dance or play basketball or take karate or gymnastics or do whatever she wants to do; my only requirement is that I get to take all the adorable pictures to which I'm entitled.

Katee's dancing a solo to CĂ©line Dion (the inaccurately titled "Taking Chances"). It's just OK. I honestly can't tell if she's happy or trying to look sad. She's better than what she just put out there, I think.

So Joshua's dancing with Chelsie (and I should just say that in the clips of the dancers picking their new partners last week, the women still have their creepy contemporary routine white eye makeup still smeared over their faces). They're going to do the Argentine tango and disco. Dmitry Chaplin's teaching them the tango, which Chelsie's done before (and she's a ballroom dancer to boot), so they're expecting big things.

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