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Dancing in the Street

Chelsie says she started dancing as a social thing, because she was a shy kid. Danity Kane sings "Damaged" while Chelsie shimmies and shakes on stage. Nothing memorable about it. How about we skip everyone else's solo routines and give the time to Will so he can finish his James Brown thing? It's her birthday today, so don't vote against her, America!

Katee and Twitch are now dancing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine set to "Sweet Georgia Brown." Katee will be playing the part of Georgia Brown, and Twitch will be the man-meat she's after.

Katee's holding up a sign that says "Lookin' for Mr. Right." (Which would be Twitch.) It's a cast recording of the song. I've never heard it in any other form than the one used by the Harlem Globetrotters. It's Broadway, so there are big hammy movements, leg kicks and arm-waving. Twitch picks her up and struts around with her. I'm sure this is what the judges like to say is "fun."

Nigel loved the routine and lauds Tyce Diorio. As you do. He says it's a Broadway routine that you could imagine the dancers actually doing on Broadway. He talks about how surprising Twitch is, because he's the least trained dancer of the bunch, and he rises to every challenge they give him, and praises his performing and dancing. He also says Katee has not done one routine that he hasn't enjoyed doing, saying she's got a "wonderful spirit." Mary yells at them, and says they were really well matched, and all the dancers tonight are great, and it's like they just came off of Broadway. Toni says when Twitch dances, he brings much more of a reality to Broadway dances than actual Broadway dancers. Can you guess why? If you said the word "street," you win!

We look at some impossibly cute pictures of Joshua as a seven-year-old dressed as Michael Jackson, and he thanks the teacher who inspired him. Then he dances to "Shawty Get Loose" by Lil' Mama for the usual excellent Joshua popping that's over much too soon.

Then Courtney talks about dancing when she was three as Little Bo Peep and how she loved to dance when she was a kid. Look, I wouldn't mind if you guys just outright MADE SHIT UP at this point: "I'm dancing because my parents were taken hostage by a psycho who said he wouldn't kill them if I learned how to pliƩ, and I couldn't do it, and now they're dead, and I want to tell everyone my story so it doesn't happen to them too."

Missy Higgins sings for another boring thirty-second contemporary routine that checks off all the boxes. We always know we're going to see "pained expression while reaching out in front and then pulling back" move.

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