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Cat goes to the judges for a ruling. Mia calls the two of them "out of this world," and votes for Philip. Adam votes for Robert, calling him a "freak of nature." Debbie casts a vote for Robert, calling him more theatrical. Nigel points out Robert having the time to make fun of Philip's moves, and votes for him. Mary calls it not fair. What's not fair is Mary standing up and shrieking. Lil' C, whose vote should be worth three times what Mary's is, calls it "buck," and opts for Robert, calling him funky and groovy. "Your musicality, it serves," he says.

Adam cites as his favorite routine, after endless movie-pimping and in-joking, the Dave Scott routine with Comfort and Twitch, the futuristic-styled hip-hop. It still looks pretty good, with nice arm movement, and the popping torsos towards the end are hit hard.

Lil' C's favorite routine? "This is always so hard," he says, as though he didn't already pick it already so the dancers could re-rehearse. His favorite is "Bleeding Love," by Taboleon, danced by Chelsea and Mark. The workaholic one. I liked this one. No, Mark! Don't go back to work! There's more to life than work!

Cat goes to ask Mary what her favorite routine is, but Mary's not there. Where's Mary? Sigh. These scripted bits are always so painful. Oh, there's Mary, grinning her way through a Latin routine with some good-looking open-shirted guy, also known as Dmitry. "She is one hot tamale herself!" says Cat. Points for avoiding the word "cougar," Cat.

Mia's favorite was the pas de deux, which gave the show a "different heartbeat," danced by Katee and Will, who "killed it." Kind of like David Archuleta killed "Imagine," the song used. Katee and Will do a great job, again. Very expressive, and the end leap-lift whatever it's called is great capper. I see Will still hasn't found his shirt. This time, they nail the turn.

Adam's other favorite dance was Sonya's "The Garden," which he calls the "last eight years of his dating life." Except it features a man and woman, I suppose. It's danced by Courtney and Mark, and I'm enjoying it more the second time around. Nicely performed.

Cat chases Mark off the stage, and the other top four join Courtney so we can find out which one of them is not the winner. It's Courtney, so the other three scoot off as fast as they scooted on. Courtney says she's honored and proud to have danced with the rest of the group, and thanks her family for helping her get where she is. We watch a montage of her highlights, and then she breaks down as she talks about what a thrill it's been, and the judges are standing for her.

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