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Mary picks another favorite routine: Mia Michaels' door routine, danced by Twitch and Katee (I really hope Katee gets some time off before she has to go out on tour). Again, Katee gets the door slammed in her face. She really should have learned her lesson after the last time.

The Jonas Brothers are out next. I cannot figure out why. Aren't the teenyboppers already watching this show? Time to fast-forward.

Aahh, much better.

Debbie's favorite? Twitchington! Debbie accurately babbles like Lil' C, and then we watch the Jean-Marc Genereux piece for his daughter. Really well done, again. And Nigel picks another one too, by Taboleon. He tries to imitate Lil' C as well, but can't quite pull it off. It's Katee and Joshua doing the "No Air" routine, about the soldier who's being sent off to war.

Then there's a montage of dancers from other seasons, the point of which seems to be that everyone is super successful and awesome. Blake, Lauren, Dominik, Sara, Lacey, Travis, Dmitry, the gang's all here! They're all encouraging to the current dancers, instead of maybe warning them from taking all the jobs. Then the old dancers come out to take turns showing off. No one cares! You're being replaced! This show eats its own!

After one last, interminable commercial break, Joshua and Twitch are out on stage, two street dancers, for the first time. Sixty million votes! And the winner is: Joshua! The stage explodes in confetti. Joshua's dad cries. Twitch parades Joshua around the stage like a referee lifting a boxer's arm in the air. Joshua's almost too overwhelmed to speak, but eventually he advises: "Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something," he says.

Great advice, but it's easy enough for a talented person like Joshua to say. It's a lot harder for those of us who suck.

Dicsuss Joshua's big win in our forums. And don't forget to cast your vote for our annual Tubey awards.

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