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Okay, it's time to get weird. Adorable little Billy Bell will be trying his hand at Krump with Comfort. First, though, he has a childhood memory. With that out of the way, Li'l C is going to see if he can bring out Billy's inner street. The word "Bucc" is used many times. That's how it's spelled, by the way. We learned that from Li'l C's Twitter. The song is "So U Think U Can Krump," which is hilariously self-referential.

Okay, you remember last week when Kent was on stage with Anya and suddenly looked mature and awesome as long as he was dancing? That's kind of what happens with Billy here. He definitely doesn't come off as the same nice kid. But it's kind of a half-speed krump, so I don't get the feeling of danger and aggression that real krump has. Let's find out what the eminently qualified panel thinks! Nigel, who is attired in a classy light blue suit, starts off by whining that he hates the music. Thanks, grandpa. He doesn't think Billy found his inner warrior, but he liked the effort. Mia thinks that it was weird to see Billy acting like a badass when he's clearly still Belly Bell. She calls him wack! It's a throwdown! Adam thinks Billy tried very hard, and Comfort interrupts to say that she thought it was Bucc. Adam gives it a bad review, but it obviously pains him to do so. "You're a great dancer. Who cares." He knows Billy's not going home this week anyway.

Robert. Childhood memories. Anya. Jean-Marc and France. Argentine Tango. This is what recaps were like in the age of telegrams. Stop. This is going to be one of those numbers where I actually miss Mary Murphy, since her critiques would make me think I understood what was going on. Oh, the music is by Bond. Well, "Bond Quartet", but I'm going to assume that it's the same Bond I'm thinking of. The dance has a lot of kicks and seems to largely be about Anya doing cool things. Maybe it's just that she's awesome and I find Robert a little boring, but the focus definitely feels like it's on the all-star this time. Nigel says that Robert was the dominant male, taking control of the woman of the species. Well, I guess. Maybe. It mostly just looked like a tango to me. Cat says she got chills, but Mia didn't like Robert's carriage and his grounded-ness. She thought Anya was eating Robert alive, not vice versa, but Anya insists that she wouldn't have been able to perform that well without Robert. Adam praises Robert's footwork, but then tells him to stretch his steps. Then Robert pretends to have indigestion briefly. That was weird and I didn't understand it.

In Melinda's childhood, some things happened. And since she remembers them, they are now memories. She's dancing with Ade to a Stacey Tookey routine about Mother Earth. Oh lordy. The rehearsal montage features Melinda getting beat up a little while Stacey talks vaguely about respecting the planet. The routine has Ade bouncing off Melinda while she makes arm motions that are supposed to evoke giving. And she's wearing a blue dress that I think is supposed to look like oceans. I'm not into it, but I usually hate these Big Message dances. I mean, I'm not saying humanity should kill the Earth, but I don't think this dance actually says anything interesting. I'd kind of like a theme night where we could see how a bunch of different choreographers all deliver the same message, but that's because I'm curious how Sonya and Tyce would approach it. Nigel and Mia praise the message and talk less about the dance. Mia wants to criticize the dress, but she acknowledges that she herself is wearing a bedspread.

Jose's childhood was just stuffed with memories. Oh my yes. Such memories that young man has. Good heavens. He and Kathryn are doing Bollywood choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Everyone has some fun with not knowing anything about anything. This might be a fiasco. Let's find out! And let's see if there's any way I'd know. Kathryn comes out fast but then seems to slow down a lot when Jose hits the scene. It's fun and energetic, but it seems like it could be more crisp. I really like this one flip Jose does. And for all the talk about the importance of precise fingerwork, it's not like there are a lot of closeups on the dancers' hands. Nigel wedges in a World Cup reference and I'm not sure what he means by it. Basically, he liked Jose's energy. Mia liked how wrong Jose was, which doesn't seem like a 100% positive review. Adam says that Jose gets the prize for being the "brightest light on the show," which sounds like the sort of thing you tell someone right before you send them home the next day.

Lauren (the contestant, not the all-star) has childhood memories. I guess the all-star might too, but those were presumably covered in her season. She (New Lauren, not Old Lauren) and Dominic will be doing a dance choreographed by Tessandra Chavez. It's about battered women, which means I can't make mean jokes about it. Tessandra wants an emotional connection between the dancers and demands perfection. Let's see! The dance features Lauren in a spot with Dominic standing off to the side, which I like. I mean, Dom's awesome, but the all-stars should be deployed in supporting roles when possible. There's a lot of stylized violence between the dancers, which works nicely. Strangely, although this is clearly lyrical, it feels more real than the krumping, which is supposed to feel dangerous. I liked this a lot!

Nigel's review is that he believed the performance, and so did I. He also wants Lauren to have a stronger base and thinks Lauren might have a sway back. Mia suggests that maybe Lauren's butt is really fine. Nigel also thanks Dominic for keeping it serious, since Dominic likes to have fun when he can. Mia loved it, but wanted a little more role-playing as the abuser and abused. She wanted Lauren and Dominic to get out of the dance if they could. Adam praises Lauren for taking his notes, which is a little self-referential. Incidentally, Lauren does not have a big cheerleader smile all over her face right now, which is nice to see. She smiles a little when she gets all the praise, though. Lauren explains that she was trying to get to a deeper place, which is fine. Then Cat asks Dominic if he would like to get to a deeper place. Oh my! Ms. Deeley, really! I think she's just trying to embarrass him.

Kent is practically still a child, but he has some memories from when he was even younger. He and Courtney are under the tutelage of Dark Lord DiOrio. It's a jazz routine about a couple that wants each other but don't want each other. I feel like we've seen that story before. Every episode. Kent is a little thrown by how sexed-up Courtney is. They dance around a table while Amy Winehouse gets all sultry on the mike. Kent's a fine dancer, but I don't think he has the stage presence to face off against Courtney. As soon as the dance ends, Kent has a wide-eyed farmboy look, but he did a good job keeping it together during the dance. Nigel mocks Kent's weirdo outfit a bit, which is totally understandable. Then he takes a sideways shot at Travis again because he thought Tyce's dance was real jazz. There's a lot of talk about Courtney eating Kent alive. Mia wants Kent to take on a more mature role. Adam corrects this, saying that it's not about putting on a character but finding the character within yourself.

So let's see ... I liked Lauren and Dominic best, followed by Adéchiké and Allison, and then pretty much everything else in an undistinguishable tie.

You may be interested to know that the end credits admit that the hat pick sequence was recreated, although it assures us that everything was random and above-board.

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