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Cat throws to Nigel, who has now fashioned his own magical hair pick from a pencil and a pen. He very earnestly praises Tabitha & Napoleon for their inventive choreography and how well they used the two dancers' difference in height as accents in the piece. At that point, Cat has to stop him to be all, "Seriously, though, you have writing implements in your hair." Then, apropos of nothing, Nigel says he's going to try and talk Mary out of her clothes later, accompanied by swirly magician hands. There is caterwauling from the soon-to-be-clothesless in question. Ohhhhhhh, sweet baby Jesus. I. Have. No. Words. Well... one: Ick. Nigel assures us he's kidding, and we move to Mary, who screeches "That was funkyyyyyyy!" She compliments both the "gentle giant" Ade and Janette "the hot tamale from Miami" on their synchronicity and ability to groove. Next up is Debbie. And, really, and I would just be insulting her verbal genius if I paraphrased, so I'll will just quote directly: "Wooooo, honey, these children wore me out! Y'all wore me out. I wanna get up there with you! Tabitha and Napoleon, they on a roll, child. Y'all on a roll! This routine was so amazing. What was the story, chile? I missed the libretto, honey. A pimp with a comb? Stay away from my daughter, honey -- snatch my clothes?! Don't you near go near because, honey, I know!" Yes. It's going to be a long night for this here recapper if she keeps dropping these pearls.

Next up performing her solo is Randi, who is dancing to Priscilla Ahn's "Dream." It's a lovely, mellifluous type of a song, and she is outfitted to match in a short white ruffled satin dress (hip-hip-hurrah for no unitards!). It's wonderfully expressive and subtle in a way that you don't think she's tearing down the roof. But then, when you watch it again and see the powerful leaps and the quadruple pirouette, you realize that she actually is. And then she finishes and is laughing and giddy and generally happy to have this part over with... and to have done it very well, if I do say. I'm not going to lie, Randi and Evan -- cutedorable as they are, together and apart -- totally sucked for me last week, and I was pretty miffed that they weren't axed. But they are making it really hard this week to stick to those guns. Good on them.

The next solo belongs to Kupono, who is dancing to "Marina Gasolina" by Bonde Do Role. It's a funked-up, drum-driven, Brazilian ditty that is more likely than not going to find its way onto my exercise mix soon. Kupono plays it cool, punctuating it where he should but foregoing anything really flashy, which I appreciate. He doesn't need to be doing all sorts of insane leaps and gymnastics because he's clearly prioritizing musicality over technique here. I question his choice to outfit himself like Lindsay Lohan on one of her less elegant truck stop hooker days, but other than that, it was pretty awesome. He practically skips off stage, he's so happy with his showing. Cat points out that he made his costume himself. Oh no, there's a fanny pack!

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