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Legacy and Ashleigh are dancing to a Prodigy song, which is your first clue that this isn't going to have the usual softness of a Mia/Stacy/Travis routine. The stark lighting and dark clothes and techno sound give this a very minimalist/futuristic feel. As for the dance, it's a combative routine -- they're dance-fighting! -- but it also feels very steppy. Like, as opposed to flowy. Whether this is a performance flaw or part of the choreography I don't know because NO CLIP PACKAGE. Whatever. Not my favorite routine from either of these two, but I remain thoroughly impressed by how well Legacy has taken to contemporary. He moves with great fluidity even when the steps seem choppy, and he can fly at a moment's notice. And he ends the routine standing on his head for like twenty seconds.

Nigel is wowed by how demanding and athletic the choreo was, what with all the leaping about. He's impressed with Legacy and Ashleigh's physicality. Mary loved the "visual impact" of the closing headstand, and found there to be quite a few standout moments in the routine. Adam loved their fearlessness.

Before Mollee's solo, we get a little video diary about her life story. Whatever, sorry, don't care. This is more interesting than watching her interact with her partner/choreographer? We've been with these people for five weeks now. I think we have a grasp on what they're like. And as if I wasn't already annoyed, Mollee's performing her solo to an LMFAO song. Damn it, Mollee. Usually, I'm able to set all the other bullshit aside when she dances, because she's amazing, but this solo is pretty ordinary, by her standards. I think I even detected a little hairography in there.

Next is Russell's video bio (wherein I fall in love with his parents, FINE), then his solo, which is some very intense, but very controlled krumping. Impressive. Cat clearly thinks so too.

Kathryn is paired with Nathan, which is actually a promising connection. They're performing a Spencer Liff Broadway routine rightfuckingnow! Set to "Choreography" by Danny Kaye, the routine is very movie-musical. Definitely a lot of those Broadway beats where you freeze and strike a pose, but it's also just a lot of Nathan and Kathryn acting like two young doofuses in love. It really works for them, and Kathryn especially. It reminds me of when Jeanine and Phillip did Broadway last season, which was the moment I officially fell for Jeanine. Nathan still comes across like a goober, but it's mostly appropriate here.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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